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The old year is dead, and good riddance to it. For most, it was probably the hardest year in living memory. Now, I wish I had some good news for you about 2021. But I don’t make a habit of lying to my readers and I try very hard not to lie to myself. (Not, admittedly, with much success.) With that in mind, I have to tell you that I believe that 2021 will be even harder in many ways. As the first real week of that year dawns on us, we need to be realistic and measured in our appraisals of the future. However, we can still find plenty of room for hope and optimism. This year holds great opportunity and promise as well. Do not forget this. Capitalise upon what the year holds. Seek out your sacred purpose, and do not deviate from it.

The Year That Truth Died

Let’s put this need to seek out your Purpose into proper context. And we can only do that by looking back.

Brothers, in 2020 the world succumbed to madness. It’s just that simple. We lost our collective minds over a virus that isn’t actually particularly dangerous to most of us. The initial days of the outbreaks in China and Italy were terrifying, no doubt. We heard and saw stories of bodies piling up in the streets and old folks dying like flies. But by late April the evidence showed anyone with brains enough to think that things were not so grim. And those of us who love freedom, decided to get on with living our lives.

But the folly didn’t stop there, obviously. Governments everywhere implemented completely crazy and arbitrary measures that made no sense whatsoever. That is how we ended up with mandates that required pubs and restaurants to close by 10pm – because apparently the Chinese Mumps is only infectious between 10pm and 6am. And that is why they insisted on shutting down gyms – even though the types of people who go to gyms are precisely the least likely to catch the WuFlu.

The campaign of suppression and disinformation that followed was the worst that we have ever seen. Only now do you see and understand what life was (and is) like under Stalinist dictatorships. Those who control the flow of information always believe in their hearts that they are your masters. And you see that every single day as Big Tech and Big Media attempt to suppress you and lie to you.

How To Fight Back

So how, then, can you possibly seek out your true and sacred Purpose on this Earth in such an environment?

It’s very simple. You have to refuse to believe in lies any longer.

Note, this is SIMPLE. It is ANYTHING BUT easy. If you choose to do this, you will pay a fearsome and terrible price. Believe me, I know.

But you need to understand that, if you want to do anything of any consequence in this world, you have to make a choice.

You have to choose whether to believe in and support lies – or to look for and tell the truth.

It is your choice. You are free to make it – and this is perhaps the one and only true freedom that you actually possess.

If you decide to support lies and charlatanry, then you will find success and comfort and happiness – by the standards of the world. You’ll get what you want and you’ll believe whatever you have to in order to get it.

But if you decide to stand up for that which is true, you will face persecution and condemnation. Your relationships with family members will suffer. You will be barred from certain jobs and professions. And you will never be able to swallow the comforting lies of the world again.

No More Lies

You will be forced to confront some nasty truths and realities about yourself too. This is by far the most miserable and terrible part of the whole deal. Suppose you consider yourself to be kind, brave, strong, caring, and decent. If you decide to seek out Truth no matter what, you’re going to find those beliefs tested in a very big hurry.

And you will fail most of those tests. This will shatter your faith in yourself.

Your faith in humanity will be shattered as well. You will learn the devastating truth that most people prefer slavery. Being a slave is simpler and far easier. You don’t have to think as a slave. You just have to do as others tell you.

Furthermore, people with power over others love that feeling and will not give it up easily. Not for nothing did Henry Kissinger once remark that “power is an aphrodisiac”. If you choose to turn away from lies, you may well have to give up power in all of its forms. You might just have to give up the illusion of control over others. For many, that really destroys their sense of self-worth. Who are they if they have no power over others? The answer is: no one worth knowing.

That is the price. And I’m not going to lie to you – it is extreme.

What, if anything, will you get in return?

Ultimate Cost for Perfect Value

LTC Jean V. Dubois, Mobile Infantry (Ret), from STARSHIP TROOPERS

The answer here is simple as well:

In exchange, you will receive your freedom.

You will learn why you are on this broken, corrupted, evil, stupid, miserable, Fallen world. As a result, you will be free from having to fear those lies, even if you are forced to obey them.

But how do you get there?

It’s not going to be fun, but you’ll find it much easier to go through subsequent tests if you know the answer to this question. Here’s how you find it.

How To Find Your Purpose

My Purpose is to point men toward the Truth, no matter the cost. But that’s me. My tasks on this Earth are probably not the same as yours. So how, then, do you find out what those tasks are?

Here’s a basic breakdown:

1. Opportunities, Not Passions

This video from TV personality, and teller of sometimes uncomfortable truths, Mike Rowe probably says it all:

What you love may not be what you actually need to do. You might like to act and sing and write or whatever. But you have bills to pay – we all do. Get on with finding things that make that happen.

That leads us on to the second big thing:

2. Take Reasonable Risks

When you pursue opportunities, you take risks. This isn’t easy. Most people are terrified of risks. But you have to take them.

Here’s a concrete example. Back in late 2017 I decided to get into crypto mining. Bitcoin mining wasn’t available at the time, so I settled for buying Monero mining capacity and then devoted half of my hashpower to mining other coins, particularly Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

That was a complete waste of money. But I could and can afford to lose it. And I could see very clearly that this crypto stuff had real, measurable potential. Bitcoin actually made sense in a lot of ways.

So I gave it another shot. I bought some real Bitcoin mining capacity and refused to allocate any hashpower to other coins.

My initial investment has more than doubled in value as the price of Bitcoin shot up over the past year. And there is still time to run on that contract.

3. Seek Out Better Men

light your inner fire

It is a basic truth of life that when you are around high achievers, you will be inspired to achieve great things yourself. The converse applies as well. If you hang out with losers, you will yourself be a loser.

So, ask yourself what it is that you want to achieve in 2021.

Now, remember, I consider New Year’s Resolutions to be a complete and total waste of time. Most people routinely fail to do anything useful about them.

Suppose you want to make more money and secure a second income stream so that you can walk away from Corporateland. I can tell you now that this is REALLY HARD to do on your own. But if you seek out the company of other entrepreneurs and businessmen who made it on their own, you will quickly become bolder and more willing to take risks.

In all such interactions, remember that you must be humble and adopt the mindset of a novice. No matter how highly you think of yourself, there’s always someone bigger and better than you.

Don’t pull him down. Learn from him and pull yourself up.

4. Always Act With Integrity

These days, “integrity” is a misunderstood and wildly misused word. Virtually every corporate website claims that its employees act with integrity. This is almost always a bald-faced lie.

Integrity doesn’t just mean “doing what the law says you should do”, which is as far as most companies push things. And “integrity” doesn’t just mean “showing up on time” and “doing what you said you would do”.

It also means acting against your own interests if necessary, to preserve and protect those who really matter to you.

Most people will laugh at you if you act this way. Remember, though, that Most People Are Idiots and that very few people actually want to be free. So don’t worry too much about what they think. Worry instead about whether you can look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow morning, based on what you have done today.

Do this, and your sacred Purpose will reveal itself to you very quickly.

5. Pray Hard and Often

I won’t go too deep into this. I’ve written about it at some length. But this is necessary. I don’t care how you pray or why. Just pray. Understand very clearly that, no matter what you believe (or do not believe), there is in fact a Being out there far more vast than you can possibly understand. And He is listening to you very carefully.

He’s going to test you, hard – but He’s going to throw things at you that He believes you can handle. He wants you to rely on Him. So don’t hesitate to ask Him.

Conclusion: Let Nothing Stop You

This year ahead of us is one filled with great dangers and turbulence ahead. Hard times loom in the form of civil war and anarchy in the USA, ever-crazier and more ridiculous government policies and mandates, and economic catastrophe caused by an impossible explosion of debt and money-printing. The world around us has gone completely mad, and keeping one’s head within this insanity is very difficult and very costly.

But hope exists nonetheless. All you have to do is look for it. As I have pointed out before, when you devote yourself to an ideal, and refuse to let anything or anyone else stop you from pursuing it, then you rapidly develop into a very dangerous, very capable man entirely on your own merits.

Do not look for the easy ways out. When trouble and strife come – and they WILL come – do not whine and complain about how hard life is, at least not more than is strictly necessary for your own peace of mind. Instead, simply get on with doing what you were always meant to do.

Seek out your Sacred Purpose in 2021. Then pursue it to the very end. Don’t let anyone stop you.

That, right there, is the key to a life well lived.


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