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If the world stops as we know it right now, do you know how you and your gear are going to hold up?
We all have a plan when TEOTWAWKI happens, but like Mike Tyson said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”
You won’t know how you gear is going to work until you test it.
You have a water system in place that should last three days? Go to your main water line and turn it off. Depending on your marriage, I’d give your wife a head’s up, but I recommend not telling your kids at first. Work out the kinks now.
Have food storage? Don’t go shopping for a week and draw only on that. (This will require more family support, since everything will be open).
Got a generator or alternative power source? Turn off the power to the grid and see what happens.
Those are big ticket items, and not everyone has their systems in place (you better pick up the pace, Trump is drawing the ire of the Left, but that won’t last forever), or can given their circumstances.
No problem. Do what you can.
Got camping gear? Take your family camping and use it. Try to camp in a more secluded area, away from anything that might tempt you to take an easier path. For extra points, go off the grid to a place without running water or even those outhouse toilets. Make sure you can prepare food, keep clean, provide water and warmth for your entire family.
Some things you can’t try out, like your blow out bag, but you can spend time getting familiar with it and the techniques.
As you use your gear, take notes on what works and what can be improved. You know have the start of a plan to get you focused on what’s important to your survival.
Whatever you have, now’s the time to test it, before you get punched in the mouth and all your plans are scattered to the winds. You don’t want to be caught with gear that is inadequate or worse.


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