Author: Boethius

The Morally Bankrupt Democrats

The continous faux-moral outrage of the Democrats is something of a wonder. On one hand, they are falling over themselves as they accept every accusation thrown at Roy Moore. It doesn’t matter how tenuous or vague, they lap it up like it’s ambrosia. On the other hand, Ted Kennedy was in the Senate for forty years. Edward “Ted” Kennedy was a monster of such little humanity about him, his residence in Hell was secured long before most of us were born. Let’s review just what type of horrible waste of oxygen Ted was. On leaving a party, drunk, in...

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GQ Shoots Self in Foot, Claims Victory Lap While On Life Support

Of all the moves GQ could make, this is one of the worst. This is what full-blown Cultural Marxist Doublethink looks like. Kaepernick applied the right amount of pressure on an already weakened institution. The NFL has been papering over the fact that far too many of their players are thugs with rap sheets. They already ceded any sort of moral stance they might have once held. People watched the NFL to be entertained. Many fans treated their favorite team and players like many parents treat their school district — sure, they suck, but ours isn’t like the others....

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Google Accidentally Shows What They Really Think of You

Google, bless their SJW hearts, has really made a major P.R. blunder and exposed just how, well, see for yourself.  TL;DR is Google pushed a code change out that scanned personal documents and locked out owners of said documents, because their personal documents didn’t meet the Google thought-police approval. Google back-peddled as soon as the news cycle started picking up on their blunder. “This morning, we made a code push that incorrectly flagged a small percentage of Google Docs as abusive, which caused those documents to be automatically blocked[.]” Alright, we know, or we should know, that anything out...

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Test your equipment

If the world stops as we know it right now, do you know how you and your gear are going to hold up? We all have a plan when TEOTWAWKI happens, but like Mike Tyson said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” You won’t know how you gear is going to work until you test it. You have a water system in place that should last three days? Go to your main water line and turn it off. Depending on your marriage, I’d give your wife a head’s up, but I recommend not telling...

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The Social Justice plague consumes everything it touches. When everything is political, nothing is sacred. The old traditions and institutions that upheld the West have been under constant chewing by the Social Justice Termites, leaving nothing of value unsullied by their odious actions. Our Western myths start with Beowulf killing monsters that threaten the land, through knights battling dragons, to superheroes stopping supervillains from Earth and beyond. Honor, overcoming adversity, challenging the seemingly overwhelming odds, while kicking ass and cracking wise are part and parcel of our superheroes. For too long now, Marvel and DC have ceded ground to...

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