The End Of America

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Last week, we wrote about When The Rules No Longer Apply. Since then, things have continued to heat up. It began when Twitter started flagging President Trump’s posts. Of course, that wasn’t a terrible surprise. Twitter has chafed under being unable to play their games on Trump while he is President.

But now, there’s an organized cadre trying to pressure Facebook into doing the same thing. Thus far, Mark Zuckerburg has refused to go along with the deplatforming of what supporters of this call “Hate Speech”. Of course, we all know that hate speech has no real definition and they really mean political speech they disagree with.

And during the entire Coronavirus pandemic, it has become clearer and clearer that the left’s strategy is to do an end run around the Constitution. When they don’t have the power to issue mask mandates, they threaten businesses to do their bidding for them. Even if you think people should wear masks, you should also be able to agree that most states have laws that limit the power of their executives to compel citizens to do something like that. And that threatening businesses with fines unless they agree to compel their customers to do something the government lacks the power to compel them to do is a reprehensible end run around the rule of law.

The First Amendment protects political speech, but it has become clear that social media companies do not care about Freedom of Speech. In 2020, if you are silenced on Facebook and Twitter, how is that not a crushing blow? And where are the Republicans? They’re still hiding, as Tucker Carlson has heroically been pointing out ceaselessly for the past two weeks.

Not only is there a full press for social media companies to outright ban thought that the left doesn’t approve of, this past week, the House of Representatives passed a Statehood for DC bill. Which completes the throwing down of the gauntlet. If they get power back, they have made it crystal clear that not only are right of center voices going to be silenced from social media and the public square, but they are prepared to invent new states in order to guarantee themselves permanent majorities.

They have pushed us into the corner. They have left us with no choice. If Trump falls, we all fall. If you are a Never Trumper, you have to think long and hard about what is going to happen to us all if Trump loses. Because the signals point to nothing good.

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  1. Trump has been near powerless to drain the swamp of the communists that populate it from top to bottom. I’m afraid America as a single geopolitical entity has indeed met its’ end, unless you want to accept the mob rule of democracy (aka the socialism/communism that is most certainly coming).

    Secession from the large cities, where leftist idealogy emanates, is perhaps the only way to save a piece of the free republic.

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