When The Rules No Longer Apply

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Well, it’s been a rough month for us all. The Coronavirus Pandemic and the associated lock downs transitioned into race riots with the death of George Floyd. And rather than let the country come together and try to change things for the better, a bunch of marxists instead have spent the past month attempting to shove critical race theory and a full blown color revolution down our throats.

We’ve seen this gameplan play out before, but never in such a widespread, organized, and clearly premeditated way. It’s clear to anybody with eyes that the left has been stockpiling money and resources and just waiting for something to happen to act as a flashpoint. Then, they coopted protests over George Floyd’s death to engage in a campaign of terror.

Meanwhile, the cops, instead of keeping the peace or enforcing the law, totally checked out. Most of this was at the behest of Democrat governors and mayors. Who wanted to let their little demonic hellspawn run roughshod over various communities. Black folks were doing too well in the Trump economy, their neighborhoods had to be burned down.

In doing this, the various Democrat mayors and governors made it perfectly clear that there’s two sets of rules in this country. One set for the right, and the other for the left. Everybody knows it. The lefties have been given free reign to vandalize and pull down statues to their hearts content. But if one right-winger dared to torch an abortion clinic, we all know that the full power and fury of the government would not just fall down on the head of the culprit, but they would use it as an excuse to round us all up.

This is all part of the play of the attempt at the color revolution. Everything they have done has been a psychological operation designed to isolate and demoralize Americans. It’s a clear message that we don’t belong in this country anymore, that we are not welcome in the lands that we were born in.

But there’s just two little problems with this. The first is, as Reagan so aptly pointed out so long ago, the United States is freedom’s last stand. If it falls, there’s nowhere to flee to. The second problem is, these places are OUR homes. We are Americans. We crossed a frozen river in the dead of night on Christmas to kill German mercenaries. Are we really just going to roll over and die because a bunch of third rate communist agitators throw some bricks in some Democrat controlled cities?

But what do we do?

Pray. We need God to intervene on our behalf. Now more than ever.

We also have to have the courage to speak out. Until this happened, I never realized the level of courage it takes to stand up to an angry mob. John Wayne always made it look so easy. But when it’s not just your livelihood, but you are facing people you thought were your friends, it’s hard. But all it takes to stop this is one good man standing up and saying no. This is insane. And it has to stop. It’s terrifying and it probably will cost you friends. But now is the time to speak out. If you don’t, when you’re an old man, and you look back at this, what would you trade to take the one chance to preserve America for your children and grandchildren without having to face a bloody civil war? Because make no mistake, when I called it a color revolution earlier, I meant it. These people mean to overthrow the US government and replace it with a communist regime. Where we are right now is our chance to stop this before it goes farther. Trump is doing everything in his power. But he can’t do it alone.

You remember that they’re trying to make us feel alone and isolated, right? You defeat that by speaking out. There are more of us than there are of them. As Trump said the other night:

We had a bunch of maniacs come and sort of attack our city. The mayor and the governor did a great job, but they were very violent people. Our people are not nearly as violent, but if they ever were, it would be a terrible, terrible day for the other side.

President Donald J. Trump, Tulsa Oklahoma 6-20-2020

There are more of us than there are of them. We are better armed. And we have a hell of a lot more to lose. But we also believe in the law. Which is why seeing a bunch of vandals terrorize American cities with impunity has been such a hard demoralizing blow to us. We thought that, Republican or Democrat in power, the law was impartial, that justice was blind, and that the elected officials, even if we had some deep disagreements with them, would uphold their oaths of office. We’ve learned that’s not true. It is a tough lesson to learn that we played by the rules, when there are, in fact, no rules.

Remember your Bill Lind. Go read Victoria if you haven’t already. This is 4th Generation Warfare. And if we don’t play our cards right, it will become 3rd Generation Warfare very quickly.

President Trump On The South Lawn Of The White House After The June 20th Rally In Oklahoma

Pray like your life and your families life depends on it. Pray for President Trump, because he’s the only political leader we have that gives a damn about us. And don’t do anything stupid. We have to win the moral level of this war.


  1. Herschel Grynszpan comes to mind… He was a Jew living in Paris and angry about his parents being persecuted. He bought a gun and went to the German embassy and murdered a man who wasn’t even a Nazi. He provided the Nazis the excuse they needed for Kristallnacht. Flannelavenger is right folks, “don’t do anything stupid.”

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