Lies and Consequences – Gonna Believe Yer Lyin’ Eyes?

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Editor’s Note: You can read this over at Last Redoubt’s page. It is a continuation of his previous posts. You should read them all.

This was originally going to be Decision Trees part two, about the Atlanta shooting. Among other things that have happened, St. Efan has been removed from the YouTube, which renders an easy reference to a lot of what I was going to bring up moot.

Instead, I’m going to look at the lies surrounding that event and several recent others.

Related to the Atlanta shooting of Brooks, we are of course told he was a devoted father, who didn’t deserve to be shot for pointing a non-lethal tazer at a cop.  Because leftists only care about power, we’re askede to ignore that tazers are classified as lethal weapons, that the very same DA had charged another cop for using same mere weeks ago, and directly relevant to the narrative that he was a doting father, that he had a number of domestic crimes under his belt. Finally, history aside, the guy was drunk, could not be entrusted to drive, and was violent and in posession of a potentially deadly, of no longer ranged, weapon, that he was demonstrably willing to use.

Three other cases center around Louisville. First – the Christians assaulted around the statue by protestors. From Brian at Kairos:

At that moment someone in the crowd poured an unidentified liquid on the older man, pictured below protecting his head, and was then attacked by a violent individual, also pictured below attacking the elderly man.
We got the elderly man out of there, and I was about to leave to retrieve my lunch as a friend of mine had just come over to tell me my food had arrived. The mob then approached him. They asked if he was with me, and when he said yes they began to berate him.

They took his walking stick from him and when he didn’t react they knocked his hat off of his head, called him a skin head, and attacked him. At this point I intervened to pull the attacker off of my friend, and I was attacked by the mob and the attacker.

Here’s the images of the old man.

The first I saw the last two pictures, several of the commenters spoke of the old man getting beat up because he came with a bat. Now, lying marxists and their useful idiots will lie, or believe them, so I doubt it, especially given the testimony above. Note the guy punching the old man has what looks like brass knuckles or something similarly weighted in his hand. Also – look at this vid:

You’ll see clubs and such – in the “protestor’s” hands.

Second is the shooting by Steven Lopez.  Now it’s known he was a frequent member of the protests, if too aggressive for a number of the protestors. At the time though, a number of twitter channels were going on about i tbeing another white supremacist Trump supporter.

One of those selfsame channels took to task the two lawyers standing in front of their house as protestors walked by. There was a lot of mockery of how they’re only getting their guns out because they’re racists “afraid of black people walking down the street.”

It was actually interesting to see one twitter heckler change his mind when it was pointed out that it wasn’t public property, and that the “peaceful protestors” had to break in through a locked gate to get onto said private property.  Also not mentioned is that a number of the protestors likely had weapon, if not necessarily fireearms, had already escalated simply by being on the property, and vastly outnumbered the couple. Nevertheless, most were in tune with the following:

I’ll say this. Ignore their shitty trigger discipline, at least they stood up for something.

The icing on the cake, under “Marxists only care about power” is that the march was specifically to the mayor’s house for “doxxing” and this intimidating people by reading off the names of the “defund the police” supporteers.

Guess what BLM related parties did to the couple?


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