The Great Boomer Plague

April 7, 2020
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My article yesterday about not adding fuel to the fire upset a few people. I assume because I added fuel to the fire. I think that some of that was a misunderstanding. The final paragraphs of the piece contain its pertinent points.

Our great handicap is that so many of us are conditioned to looking to government to solve our problems.

My issue is that people are continuing the practice of believing that government will save us or condemn us. But we’re beyond that, far beyond. We live in a tyranny of the minority who pressure and advocate supposedly democratic governments for their own ideological goals against the silent majority. Government hasn’t been working for years so why would anyone expect it to start functioning now in the midst of such a crisis? As I stated,

What we must do is batten down the hatches and rely on ourselves and family and communities first. We must find ways to get things done.

The screaming at the sky is beyond useless so look to yourselves. We are powerless in the face of governments so there has to be another way, and perhaps this virus is providing us a glimpse of the possibilities. But Brendon O’Neill is one of those who believe that we are heading into the government-mandated oblivion and that something must be done or not done. And what he wants is for us to start respecting our elders because they are Boomers. No, seriously; he is.

All of this has dehumanised older generations. It has depicted them as politically expendable (take away their votes) and as socially expendable (force them to throw open their spare rooms to struggling millennials). That our society has become one in which old people’s lives are sometimes treated as medically expendable, too, is not surprising – after all, these ‘oldsters’ have helped to destroy the future and are apparently a barrier to millennials’ self-realisation and economic progress.

Some of the very people accusing Toby Young of trading off older lives in favour of younger lives have actually been doing that themselves for years: they have been depicting the elderly as a physical, political, economic block to the advancement of the young.

A new generation of activists in particular has misunderstood the failings of capitalist society as an act of generational hatred by the old against the young, and in the process they have replaced socialism with ageism, and radical activism with Boomer-bashing.

It doesn’t get much more delicious than this. I am stunned at the amount of gall required to write that society is treating the Boomers as medically expendable, this the generation that pushed and advocated for abortion on demand, also known as baby murdering. The Boomers have had it their own way for their entire lives. But this virus couldn’t have come at a worse time for them. They react in outraged horror at the very idea that medical help in this crisis will be reserved for people under 65, when they themselves are the over 65s who will be left out. How can this possibly be happening? It wasn’t supposed to be like this. They are the anointed ones, the Woodstock-worshiping free love sex kittens without a care in the world, baby, hot damn, and it’s all gonna be groovy, man, except the grooviness has to be paid sometime and we may as well make it at your expense.

As always, it’s always about the Boomers. They demand the continuation of the free ride at the expense of everyone else which they have been enjoying their entire lives. The gravy train cannot be allowed to end, no matter what the circumstances. Oh the horror that somewhere a Boomer might be inconvenienced to the benefit of someone from an earlier generation.

These are the same people who told us generation Xs that we didn’t have any experience and were too young as they refused to mentor us and instead outsourced their previous jobs, sowing the field with salt behind them as they moved up the corporate ladder. They’ve been shitting on us from on high for our entire professional lives, but suddenly we’re all supposed to treat them with respect and reverence for their age because a few of them voted for Brexit?

It was the same generation that almost stopped Brexit from happening.

The Boomers are also those responsible for subverting our governments into the tyrannical shelters for matronly nut bags that they have become. We live in a Boomer subverted world. Their endless desire for change at any cost has suddenly arrived with the requisite costs, and unbelievably at their own expense for the very first time on record. More than that, the global financial fraud on which their fake wealth has been built is now in very real danger of coming down in a crashing ruin. They scream that we must remain at home for their own safety whilst simultaneously staring at their stock accounts in abject horror. For some reason the connection is lost on them because they might actually die and they were never supposed to die because they were young and beautiful and groovy and never trust anyone over the age of 30, remember that one?

Such prescience. Such foreknowledge. Such wisdom of the elders.

Not so much as it turns out. Our elders are the most stupid and selfish on human record. It’s not about how or when they die, it’s about whether or not we can survive them.


  1. You speak as though all boomers are guilty of raping the economy and reducing opportunities for the younger generation. Well I’m a boomer, born in 1958. I have no college education, have served 6 years in the US Army, have worked semi-skilled manufacturing jobs that millenials are too lazy or too entitled to do and never managed an income of over $40,000.00 per year. That being said, I will be retiring this year, during a financial and health crisis not of my own making. I stand to lose more of my hard earned money, accumulated painstakingly over the years to the real greedy, monstrous, leeches of our society. POLITICIANS, BANKERS, and BUREAUCRATS! They produce nothing of use, only misery, regulations, rules and restrictions on the very people who make this country function. I want you to explain to me how I am a civilizational vampire.

  2. ” I want you to explain to me how I am a civilizational vampire.”
    I don’t think that’s really what all this is about. it’s more about their own failure. I guess they thought they were going to make $200K/yr with a gender studies degree.

  3. Gender study degrees paid for by high interest student loans. If you need a degree to tell the difference between a man and a woman you deserve the misery you signed up for. I did the math on college coming out of high school. My family was unable to pay for advanced education, I was not brilliant enough to qualify for a scholarship, and student loans were not yet in vogue. By my calculation, graduating high school and going into the workforce to learn a skilled\semi- skilled trade was a superior choice. In leiu of working my ass off at two jobs while completing 4-8 Years of college my logic led me to work and save and invest those 4-8 years instead of incur debt as current generations have done. While over the long run I am not earning what a college degree may have provided I don’t regret the decision. If you really look at the problems in America today with an unbiased eye you will find that most are unintended (or planned) consequences of these supposedly college educated superior intellects who we have allowed to gamble with our monetary systems, political and religious institutions, and our freedoms. You have been sold a bill of goods about college…there are some very stupid/incompetent degreed people running around out there. Not everyone is cut out for college and those who drank the ” college degree” koolaid and took out the loans got burnt. Now it’the boomers fault? College degrees are like fiat currency..the more that are printed the lower the value. Put the blame where it belongs. Boomers are being screwed by this as much as any other generation. The big difference is we actually have a positive net worth and something to lose.

  4. I’m a millennial entrepreneur and author, and have the honor to be published by the Men of the West. I’m self made. Times are bad right now, it’s true, but at least I’m my own man.

    Why the hell should I care about you or your feelings? Outside of friends and family who are exceptions, I have no love for your generation. You can CLAIM to be an exception all you want, but in your infinite boomer narcissism you can’t stop making everything about you.

    I’m not your family, I’m not your friend. As far as I’m concerned you’re as close to me as a Saracen. Now if you have offspring, and you plan to leave them an inheritance, that would endear you to me somewhat, simply because that’s what good men do according to Solomon. Are you doing that? Or are you going to die with the most toys?

    Your generation saddled ours with shitty government, loads of generational debt, and no option to get out for many–remember the Bush-Biden bankruptcy “reforms?” What did you do to end abortion? What did you do to end unending wars? What have you actually done for Western Civilization? I don’t give a flying fuck about your positive net worth–that’s all that ever matters to you boomer yuppie coke-heads. I only care about what matters.

  5. Ian, I have no qualms with you or any younger generations behind me. In fact I applaud your accomplishments here at MOTW and as an author and entrepreneur. I enjoy this website and the authors.

    “Why should you care about you and your feelings?” Well for a man who cites Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, that is a pretty un Christian attitude. Seems I find Biblical teachings about loving your neighbor and respecting your elders. As far as leaving an inheritance, I will be the 1st generation as far back as I can trace in my family tree who will leave an inheritance. No I am not a “toy collector”and have a modest 14 year old vehicle, no boats, RV’s or other motorized toys, carry no debt now and never have.

    Please explain how my generation saddled yours with shitty Government? You vote too I assume. Seems that trend started about 1913 and continued until I attained voting age. Should I be hating ” the greatest generation” for the shitty government and debt they left me?
    Again you lay the blame on Boomers. Generational debt affects everyone. What have I done to end abortion? I have supported pro life candidates and Libertarian/limited govt candidates which as you know is an a lesser of two evils choice. What have I done to benefit Western civilization? Well for one I have worked an honest vocation, educated myself in christian doctrine, lived within my means, mentored younger people, avoided debt, taken care of my family, and prepared myself for the times we live in. What I haven’t done is petettion my shitty government to infringe on the rights, finances, opinions, words and actions of my fellow man because I am dissatisfied with my lot in life. Identity politics is what’s killing this country. Divide and conquer. Seems to me we are both arguing the same side of the coin re government, politicians, financial policy, debt and Western civilization. My argument is not with you or younger generations. I have preached fiscal conservatism, discipline, christian values and life skills to all my younger family and coworkers and guess what. Crickets,zip, zilch, Nada. But every one of them had the newest cell phone, gaming system, and hi performance vehicle. Do tell me Ian. What have you done about the issues? Oh and
    BTW I am blue collar guy, not a cokehead stockbroker, banker, lawyer, or politician. And having a positive net worth and eschewing debt is biblical as long as you maintain reasonable perspective about money. Money is for protection during hard times. It is not Biblical to obtain riches, money, cattle or whatever by fraud, force, theft or in excess of what you need. Please don’t intepret my observations about Millenials or any other generations as an attack. Their actions are what they are and my calling it out doesn’t change that . BTW if you have authored any good books, invented something useful, or created a business model for a product or service that would interest me I would be glad to support you in your endeavours. So hate my generation if you must for the wrongs you perceive we have committed against you but remember the words of Eccleiastes 1:9. Peace to you.

  6. As regards our resident Boomer, the gentlemen doth protest too much, methinks.

    To expand, our Boomer does not see himself as an individual. He is strongly attached to his generational tribe which is why any attack on that generation sees an overreaction on his part to defend that with which he identifies. He proclaims to be not like those other Boomers, yet is outraged that anyone would have the nerve to criticize that generation. He has taken this attack personally precisely due to his level of pride at being a part of the Boomer generation. His words betray and damn him and his ilk.

    Over the target, taking flak.

  7. Adam I assume I am the resident boomer to which you refer. Unless you are a degreed psychologist, and even then, you cannot know, only speculate as to my tribal and emotional affiliations. Let’s just say I hate everything about the values of my “generational tribe” which you seem to imply I am so sensitive to criticism of. I never stood for the values of get, obtain, and own at any cost. Consumption designed to one up every one else. Kinda like my dick, car, house and bling is bigger\better than yours. I bucked those trends, sacrificed time, blood sweat and tears to live responsibly and swam upstream to avoid the debt, disaster and bankruptcy of the majority of my fellow citizens regardless of their generation. While they played purchased and partied I was doing the right thing. I have what I have not because of being a boomer but in spite of it. I suggest you and Ian McCleod print this thread,file it away and refer to it when you reach retirement age and compare it to what younger generations are saying about you. I think you will find the same sentiment from them. I know I felt the same as you do about my generational seniors when I was young. The difference is, I grew up and realized I can’t change what other people do, only how I react to it. I think as you proceed on in your personal development, you will realize you don’t know as much about life now as you will when you add a few decades. Just exactly what would you have boomers do? We are eating the same shit sandwich as everyone else. When you come up with factual data and arguing points for the solution I will be happy to debate with you. Actually you have not articulated the problems you percieve, only sssigned blame. BTW I don’t believe my posts indicate moral outrage, I am waiting for someone to articulate exactly what I have done as an individual to create what you perceive as an offense to you, either as an individual or generation. Criticize away. Its your right. Peace

    • Down here in East TX, we have a short and pithy saying: “Hit dog yelps.” Long version: when you throw a stone randomly into a crowd, the one that gets mad and starts yelling is the one that got hit.

      But what do I know – I’m just a Millenial trying to pay my through college alongside all the foreigners that you Boomers gave free tuition and jobs long before I was old enough to vote.

  8. BTW I don’t believe my posts indicate moral outrage, I am waiting for someone to articulate exactly what I have done as an individual to create what you perceive as an offense to you, either as an individual or generation.

    You have attempted to make the article that I wrote to be entirely about you. Which makes you the target, but not the target audience.

    OK, Boomer?

  9. No Adam….you made the article about me by the title and subject matter. If you want to target a specific audience I suggest you publish your drivel behind a paywall. And if you don’t like the government, institutions , and status quo why don’t you step up and run for office, start a revolution, and show us boomers how its done. Pathetic. MOTW no longer on my reading list.

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