The Great Reset, Part 5: Queer Theory

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By now you should fully understand how the Marxist left wishes to transform our society. Philosophers in the Frankfurt School crafted Critical Theory as a way of applying the Marxist economic worldview, which divides people into two groups – oppressors and oppressed – to society at large. Diversity/Equity/Inclusion and Critical Race Theory use racial differences to attack our culture, but as bad as that is, it is not nearly as pernicious as the way in which Marxists attack biology itself in the service of their revolution.

Fair warning: This piece will be long, and it will be disturbing. But such knowledge is necessary for the battle we are in. (If your email client does not load the entire post you can find the whole thing at
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in her nomination hearing.

When future Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson could not answer the question What is a woman? during her confirmation hearing, it was not because of basic biological ignorance, rather she was publicly pledging her allegiance to a new religious dogma that is attempting to subvert the natural order. Just as The Party in Orwell’s 1984 required its subjects to agree that 2 + 2 = 5, the new woke order demands we acquiesce to their statements that sex and gender are fungible social constructs.

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