The Spotting of the Shills

March 8, 2021
2 mins read

Editor’s note: Here is an article by Den Blonde Ulven.

Shills are not a new phenomenon, and the methods they use to sway perception are not modern. Previously, they might drop pamphlets out of planes to sway perception as a precursor to war — today they type on keyboards and post interracial porn.

Why is this important?

Because they are effective.

Why are they effective?

Because of two main strategic concepts: Knowing Yourself and Your Enemy, and Disinformation and Distraction.

Shills have one overarching objective: demoralize the target group. This is most effective when the target group does not know they are being targeted and when the truth eludes the target group. Until the correct categorization of groups and the light of truth is known, it is an impossible battle to win.

For example, concerning the categorization of groups, the media browbeats Republicans in the US nonstop. Or do they? Almost 100% of Republican congressmen agree with the media’s attacks and direction.

All right, the media is after Conservatives!

Wait, that can’t be it, seeing as leading conservatives advocate for leftist positions across the board.

Fine then, they are after American Citizens!

Still wrong, as they are encouraging Biden to legalize millions of people to become naturalized immediately.

Okay okay, they are after White Americans. Now, we are getting somewhere.

Without understanding who the actual target of these relentless attacks is, one cannot be sure of who is attacking what, where the lines of battle are, or even that there is a battle.

One of the most notorious online hellholes, /pol/, has a reputation for being incredibly inflammatory, offensive, many times righteous, and most importantly, effective. This last point is particularly scary to the elites currently running the US Empire. Gatekeepers have been a tried and true way of dealing with Badthinkers for decades, and the problem with places like /pol/ is that by its nature, there cannot be a gatekeeper. All posters are anonymous, and thus the information they bring to the table must stand on its own to have any effect on the readers.

There are multiple ways that people do battle over /pol/, but let’s focus on one aspect: the racial demoralization campaigns. Turn to the site for a glance and you’ll notice a flood of interracial porn, usually of black males and white females. This is often accompanied by highly rhetorical language designed to de-fang white males into believing that their rightful companions are “race traitors” or only attracted to “masculine races” or other deceptive words.

Another tactic is pushing Asian females as being ideal wives because Western girls are just beyond redemption at this point.

But here’s the kicker, it isn’t true.

And this is the light of truth that destroys the shill. Not only are white women marrying white men at a rate above 95%, they are the most racist of any other female group. Statistics show that white women overwhelmingly prefer white men.

Do statistics and logic have the same punch as a porn video? No. But that is not the point. The point is don’t become demoralized. Keep your head, and above all do not despair. The enemy wants you to despair. Do not give them the pleasure.

Once you see the actual target of the media’s crosshairs on White America, and the lies of the racial posters on anonymous image boards, you have won a major battle. And now, whenever these phenomena arise in the wild, you can see the shill light up as bright as the stars in the night sky.

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