Thoughts On Our Collective Civil Insanity

October 12, 2019
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Every now and then, a nation goes crazy. For whatever reason – it might be collective humiliation or extreme poverty, it might be boredom or despair – an entire people becomes unmoored from reality.  It says and does things that in any other time or place would be immediately dismissed as foolishness or even fever dreams. In its confusion and hunger, it turns upon itself, devours itself, rips itself to shreds.

Examples that immediately come to mind are the Weimar Republic in the 1920s and the various revolutionary governments in France in the 1790s.  In reading accounts of the period, one will note that people outside of the insanity could scarcely believe what they heard coming from inside it*. One will also note how horribly the regular people caught inside the system suffered.

In both cases, increasing political turbulence led to political violence. Violence led to recrimination. The government, unable or often unwilling to stop it, fell upon itself in coup and intrigue. Men took to the streets. Regular people locked their doors and hid or fled the nation altogether.

Eventually the people had suffered enough and a reactionary strongman arose. The suffering endured by regular people in the interim led them to welcome both Napoleon and Hitler, if only to restore order. Both led them straight into more suffering.

Raise a child up in the way he should go…

There can be little doubt America has gone similarly insane. The highest court in our land is arguing in all seriousness whether a man who thinks he’s a woman deserves employment rather than a strait jacket. Our intelligence services and parts of our legislative branch persist in their extra-legal struggle to remove the sitting executive. Our press lies to us with impunity, and when caught, simply moves on to the next big lie. We print trillions of dollars from nothing to buy ourselves collective comfort. And the people are not horrified; rather most of us are entertained.**

It’s a bad road that goes to a bad place. While conservatives are powerless to even slow this clown car, millions of your fellow citizens are cheering our Progress into insanity. And there’s likely nothing you can do to change that.

That last sentence is a hard statement for most Americans to accept. We are a people made up of doers and problem solvers, entrepreneurs and go-getters.  Surely there is something we can do.

There is something you can do: get the hell out of the way. Get your family and whomever else God has put under your authority the hell out of the way. Pray and prepare. Because this road leads to national suffering.

People like to throw the word “coup” around because it’s politically powerful.  But they don’t believe that’s truly what we’re seeing. Or they don’t understand all it means. Because if they did, they would realize how many of the functions of modern life, how our financial markets and our web of gas stations and supermarkets, rely on a government that is able to keep peace. A government truly at war with itself cannot keep peace for long. A society that cannot define the word “woman” cannot perpetuate itself for long.

Whether the coup succeeds or not, we have reached a point at which the likelihood of America returning to domestic peace is small. With every university colloquium on the evils of whiteness, with every third world colony planted on our soil, those odds drop further. That means the insanity will grow until the people have suffered enough to bring an end to it by violence***.

Be prepared.

* Ambassador Governeur Morris’ dispatches from Paris during the French Revolution are a good example. President Jefferson and his administration almost wholly disbelieved a “republican” government could act as the French one did.
** Unless it’s our power that’s turned off. Then we drive from station to darkened station looking for gasoline.
*** Those who subscribe to the Fourth Turning thesis (as I do), understand the options for this occurring are legion.

El Borak is an historian by training, an IT Director by vocation, and a writer when the mood strikes him. He lives in rural Kansas with his wife of thirty years, where he works to fix the little things.


  1. Read “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin De Becker.
    Basically, this sort of thing is programming kids to ignore their survival instincts. It will get some of them killed, earning their parents an honorary Darwin Award by Proxy, 2nd class. Tragic, but predictable.

  2. Both the French and American revolution were products of the Enlightenment Period. I have long suspected that we would go through a period similar to the terror, once the discipline of the English & Christian character was removed from American people.

    • Agreed, though like in France I think it will be concentrated in the cities.
      FWIW, I’m in my third day of 5 in downtown Chicago. Came in Sunday in the middle of the marathon. All streets blocked by cops, firetrucks, etc. Car horns and middle fingers everywhere. No one could move in or out, I94 was a parking lot. After a $60 cab ride I carried my luggage 5 miles through homeless camps to get to the Hilton.
      When the balloon goes up, this place will be a death trap. Insanity will not react well to that.

  3. We’re screwed. If you aren’t prepping, you will die. If you aren’t teaching your children to prep, you are a child abuser. It’s that simple.

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