El Borak

El Borak is an historian by training, an IT Director by vocation, and a writer when the mood strikes him. He lives in rural Kansas with his wife of thirty years, where he works to fix the little things.

July 12, 2018

Bunch of Little Rotters

Over the years my tomato patch has produced respectable results.  But one of the problems I consistently encountered was called Blossom End Rot.  It happened first some ten years ago and grew
February 19, 2018

What Did We Think Was Going To Happen?

Everyone, it seems, has a magic bullet that’s going to end school shootings. It’s part of our culture. The left wants one simple law passed and the right another repealed. Everyone on Twitter is a policy expert, Facebook is filled

Flee Immorality

February 10, 2021
There’s no doubt that different generations face different troubles. Some face material hardship, wars that drag on for decades, droughts that seemingly never end. Others face social hardships, like deadly racial and

How to Construct a Prayer

January 26, 2021
Prayer is the work of the Christian. Throughout the New Testament, we see prayer emphasized and encouraged. In His darkest hours, as the swords and torches came to haul Him away, Jesus

Assume They Are Lying

February 8, 2020
Yahoo’s Beauty and Style Editor offers a little medical advice: An estimated 19 million Americans have been infected with the flu so far this season, and 180,000 of them have been hospitalized

The Wrong Side Of The Gates

January 27, 2020
In former days, the safest place to be when the gates closed was inside the city walls. Today, not so much: Police at a roadblock on the outskirts of Wuhan turned away
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