Author: El Borak

The Lazy Man’s Raised Beds

Autumn is upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about garden improvements for next year. Glance over that backyard garden that began the spring with so much hope. You know, the one in the flat spot that flooded, or whose back side was overcome with grass and weeds. There’s a way that garden plot can be improved before the planting bug hits in April again: by adding Lazy Man’s Raised Beds. One of the best ways to reduce the work and increase the rewards of gardening is by planting in raised beds. The physical separation of veggies from...

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Global Warming Makes Perfect Sense

Global warming now makes you a bad driver: NEW YORK, Aug 31 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Climate change – not increased use of cell phones – might be to blame for an unusual spike in road deaths that hit the United States two years ago, said a study published on Thursday. The study said people might have used their vehicles more frequently to avoid increasingly bad weather – rising temperatures and heavier rainfall – resulting in an increased number of deaths on the road. As is the case with most global warming hysteria, there’s not a shred of hard...

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The Nashville Statement

When the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood issued a 14-point statement affirming historical Christian teaching on sex and sexuality, the left completely flipped its biscuit: It’s terribly anti-gay and transgender and sadly, this is what the group wants their fellow evangelicals to go out and preach to members. Among the articles of the statement, they deny that God created marriage to exist between gay people. They also say that difference between males and females are of God’s creation and that they are not a “tragedy to overcome,” implying that transgender people are be (sic) going against the Bible if they...

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Foster Parenting as Ministry

Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me does not receive Me, but Him who sent Me. — Mark 9:37 (NASB) True Men of the West understand the importance of fatherhood.  Not only does our God relate to mankind using fatherhood as a model, but He has placed into the hands of fathers authority and the ability to mold children.  He gives the charge, He provides the tools.  It is up to us to use them. Men are justifiably proud when their sons grow up to be true men. Our sons’ productive...

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Raising a non-feminist daughter

I mentioned in another post that modern feminism is a confluence of female superfluity and daddy issues. Anyone who has spoken with a modern feminist can quickly discern these two streams coming together before bursting forth in one angry, bitter river. Female superfluity arises when a woman perceives that she is not needed by anyone. Historically, it has been the daughters of the rich who have discovered that once their husband ran off to work and once the nanny took the kids, they had literally no reason to live, nothing of value to invest their time in. So they...

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