Author: El Borak

Leftists are weak

In other news, water is wet: A new study from Brunel University London found that physically weaker men are more apt to believe in socialist policies, such as redistribution of wealth. Meanwhile, stronger men are more geared to believe in the capitalist concepts, such as the idea that people should keep what you earn. Brunel University academics studied 171 men aged 18 – 40, examining their overall physical strength, bicep circumference, weight, and height. They also noted the amount of time each individual spent at a gym, and examined these variables in light of whether they subscribed more to capitalist or socialist...

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The care and feeding of reloading dies

I got the reloading dies on the right in the mail as part of a mismatched lot I found on ebay. So since they’re a little gunky, missing some pieces, etc., I figured it might be a good time for a post on cleaning and restoring reloading dies. Whether it’s bullet lube or case lube or dust or rust, reloading dies get filled with junk. They get bent parts, they lose pieces, they get plugged up and stuff gets stuck in them. Dirty dies are not only harder to work with, they can damage your brass and reduce shooting...

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Swaging bullets with the Lyman 4500 Lube Sizer

If you pour your own bullets*, you’ll be faced with a few options for getting them ready to fire.  Poured lead bullets, as opposed to the FMJs you purchase from your friendly neighborhood gun dealer, need to be lubricated before you can fire them. This is to cut down on the leading of your barrel and, in a worst case, to ensure that the bullet doesn’t get stuck in your barrel.  Such a result is, as they say, bad. The easy way around the problem of stuck bullets is to choose Lee molds, which pour a perfect sized bullet,...

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First Corinthians 15 as Greco-Roman Rhetoric

Whether it’s Paul’s address to the Athenians in Acts 17 or Jesus’ refusal to answer the Pharisees’ questions about his authority in Matthew 21, many of the most powerful interactions and addresses of scripture are rhetorically structured. Understanding that structure can help us to better understand the whole context of an argument, as well as its most relevant points. Some rhetorical structures are as simple as a question challenged by a question, the answer being based on the original questioner’s response. Such rhetorical interactions are often a contest of wits, played out in public according to rules familiar to...

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Plant a Victory Garden

During the hard years of WWII, when truly massive amounts of canned American foods were shipped overseas to feed soldiers and allies, the American government promoted the home garden as a means to victory. Americans answered the call, planting gardens in yards and empty lots, even on rooftops. It’s estimated that 20 million Victory Gardens produced 10 million tons of fruits and vegetables, an amount nearly equal to the nation’s commercial production during the war years. In 1943, Americans purchased almost 400,000 canners to preserve that harvest, a five-fold increase over the previous year and a total unmatched since. In...

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