President Trump Signs Executive Order on Johnson Amendment

On Thursday, May 4th President Donald Trump signed an executive order directing the IRS to no longer enforce the Johnson Amendment.   Now, it’s important to note that the Johnson Amendment is a part of the federal tax code that was passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President and cannot be repealed by executive action.  What President Trump has done is largely symbolic, as any church that chooses to engage in political speech based on this executive order could find themselves vigorously prosecuted as early as 2020, if somebody unsympathetic to the Church were to win the Presidency.  But this is more than any President has done for us since the Johnson Amendment was passed in 1954. Even Ronald Reagan didn’t spend his political capitol trying to push back against this ridiculous law.

The unfortunate reality is that because of the Johnson Amendment, most clergy avoid making any statements from the pulpit that could be construed as political because an investigation by the IRS into wrongdoing would likely be enough to destroy that particular church.  And over the last 8 years, we have seen churches operating in a spirit of fear, that because of hostility towards the Christian faith by the United States Government that they would be forced to ordain homosexual unions or face loss of their tax exempt status (leftists have already floated that one).

Now, I personally think that it would be a fine thing if the Church lost the tax exemption that they got in exchange for their silence on the misdeeds of the political class.  It was an unholy deal with the devil the minute it was made.  One of the primary functions of the church is to teach morality, but we are expected to believe that the church has nothing to say on the carrying on of politicians, some of the most notoriously amoral scum on the face of the earth?  Please.  Tax the church.  The freedom that comes from that will be worth more than the money it costs.

And Donald Trump has punched back against it.  He’s opened a hole.  And now it’s time to go on the attack.  This is the first opening we have had in a generation.  But Trump is fighting alone.  Our Congressional leaders are so feckless that they cannot do the one simple thing that they promised repeatedly to do (Repeal Obamacare).  The time has come for us to call for reinforcements.  To take our case directly to God and beg Him to raise up the leaders that would honor Him and Make America Great Again.  The leadership we currently have is terrified.  Everything they do is because they are terrified.   They can’t repeal Obamacare because they’re terrified of what might happen and that they might get blamed.  They’re terrified to Build the Wall because people might call them names.  They’re terrified to repeal the Johnson Amendment because commies will accuse them of wanting to set up a Theocracy (completely ignoring the fact that from 1798 to 1954 there was a United States and no Johnson Amendment and we got along just fine).

The United States has failed to honor God.  And we have gotten the leadership that we deserve.  We need to unleash our greatest weapon – prayer – and push back asking God to raise up the leadership that we need.