To Whom Does Your Life Matter?

January 11, 2021
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I find it interesting that following the past four years, the communists have taken the position that protesting (sure, maybe even call it rioting) is bad and un-American. “Domestic Terrorists” they call the American Patriots—and yes, what we saw on January 6th was undeniably American patriotism. If you find that questionable, see my incredibly timely article on what I believe it means to be a patriot.

Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Mainstream News, your idiot sister or boomer uncle. Maybe that soy infused guy who says anti-Drumpf things hoping some genderfluid experiment in self-coiffeuserie will notice and want to be in an open relationship with him. Regardless of who it was, I’m sure you’ve witnessed the gaslighting from people who not 6 months ago lauded the activity of people protesting the killing of George Floyd and others. Yes, we heard their names, no we will not say them. Have you ever said something over and over only to hear it sounding weird? Try saying ‘door’ repeatedly and see if it resembles any real word after a minute.

I digress.

What we saw in the United States Capitol was unbridled America, and it was damn good to see. The more timid among the right will try to say all the really good stuff was done by Antifa plants. In this case, it doesn’t matter who did it, it matters that Americans saw Americans doing it. But it’s being denounced in unison by cuckservatives, communists, and churchians alike. People claiming it’s wrong somehow. What I find interesting is you can’t really get a straight answer out of any otherwise sensible people as to why it was wrong. All we know is that it was definitely absolutely insurrection, terrorism, or sedition. None of which applied to the riots that happened earlier last year, at least not to the communists. The cognitive dissonance is astonishing. If all the chips were on the table, and you removed the MAGA hats or the BLM face masks (blackface masks?), you couldn’t—well, you could tell the difference, because the MAGA folks didn’t ruin anybody’s lives (The police did; they killed a servicewoman. Fly high, Airman Babbitt.) by destroying small businesses and murdering more black people. But for the sake of this article, let’s just assume it’d be indistinguishable.

What is the most common response you hear?

“Imagine that was a bunch of black folks! They’d have been Swiss Cheese”

“Only white folks can storm the capital(sic) and not get killed. #Privilege”

“Traitors! They’d better be glad they’re white, otherwise they’d be dead. Oh yeah, I wish they were dead.”

Bold proclamations by people who actively encouraged the rioting and burning of their own cities. But if you read between the lines, you see that they’re not really mad that the patriots did it. They’re mad that they got away with it without getting killed or arrested. Yes, what the people who went into the Capitol did was illegal. That was the point; legal avenues have failed us. I daresay King George considered Washington and his actions to be quite illegal because, get this:

They were.

Washington didn’t want to be criminals. None of the founders wanted to be. They wanted to be recognized and represented and heard by their government. They weren’t. So it became time in the course of human events.

And I know what you’re going to say, “But that’s what BLM is fighting for too! We aren’t represented by our government!” Well, if that’s true, maybe you need to be acting more like the people who are represented instead of asking for leaders who are down wit da struggle. A good place to start would be not accusing bright young black kids of being too white. After that, go to church, stay in school (or rather, get an education), get married, stay married, go to church, work, don’t do drugs, don’t join gangs, don’t vote Democrat. These things follow each other all the way to a better society for you and the children you didn’t abort. Ta-da! Suddenly you’re represented, and it doesn’t even have to be about the color of your skin. Wasn’t that easy?

It is telling to see the condition of people in America where systemic racism is allegedly running wild and minorities are hunted for sport. Statistically nobody dies by police violence (and that’s the justifiable ones). Statistics are stupid, but the amount of police brutality is no more than a rounding error in our country. It does happen, it’s unfortunate that it happens, but it isn’t systemic. I’m not in for the Blue Lives Matter either. I’m not a fan of being suspected of crime by bored traffic cops looking for probable cause. I’m really not a fan of undercover police who aren’t actually working a real sting operation. I hung up on the State Trooper Fundraiser just this morning. I don’t think all cops are bastards, but I don’t sport a Thin Blue Line sticker on my truck either.

On the contrary, blacks kill blacks. Like, a lot. I mean everybody kills everybody, but not like the black community. Between the gang violence, rampant abortion, and just general homicide, nobody does it more, and that’s not even accounting for the rape and burglary and other violent crimes. Sure, black people are over-represented in mortality with respect to their population in the United States, but they are decidedly over represented in perpetrating murder as well. And hell, the numbers on those tables show a high number of whites, but there’s way more white people, and thereby fewer that kill people per capita.

But getting back to the original point, nobody on the left is condemning the patriots for what they did, just that they got to get away with it (even though they didn’t.). That tells me that chiefest goal of these BLM people and their communist cohorts is that they want to commit illegal acts and not have to be punished for it. Accountability is not their strong suit. Their desire is not to rise up from their station in life, but to bring the standards of civilized society down to their level and to create as much chaos as possible along the way. Such is the way with all communists.

So at least according to the FBI, black lives don’t matter. How can I say that? Because they don’t matter to them. If they did, why do they keep killing themselves through abortion and run-of-the-mill homicide? Stop blaming everybody else for the problems that you created—or rather, the problem that the democrats created and subsequently didn’t fix. (They didn’t want to.)

I’ll help anybody that needs help. That’s the difference between me and the left. I would like to see the black community thrive and have the decent and quiet life that I’ve had. But it’s not something that can be rioted into. You can’t protest your way out of moral bankruptcy. It starts at home with good fathers, good mothers, and serving a good God. Black Lives Matter™ openly opposes the nuclear family because it’s too white, even this fact-checking piece can’t manage to make a good case as to why BLM™ wants to move away from the long-standing traditional family structure.

It’s sort of like how no matter how hard Snopes tried to cover for LBJ saying ‘I’ll Have Those Niggers Voting Democratic for 200 Years’, the best they could come up with is basically “Unproven, but entirely within his character.”

I digress yet again.

You want me to say the words?

You want me to say “Black Lives Matter”?

Prove it; show me that they matter to them.

Show me that they matter to you.

Until then, our “riots” are not like your riots you communist bastards.

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