The Rally at Capitol Hill, Jan. 6, 2021

The Rally: An Eyewitness Account

January 11, 2021
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I attended The Rally in Washington, DC, Jan. 6, 2021, and it was great. I went to show my support for President Trump and show my contempt for the fraud that was the 2020 election. If Joe Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20, I may never vote in a federal election again. We’ll see. Anyway, I want to talk about The Rally.

A few friends and I met up outside The Swamp and took the WMATA into the heart of darkness. Traffic was very light on the drive in, and getting from the metro into downtown DC was easy. The ride on the metro was calm. Lots of folks were wearing masks. I didn’t wear a mask, and no one said anything to me.

We got off the metro at the Smithsonian and started walking toward The Ellipse, where President Trump was supposed to give his speech. There didn’t seem to be a lot of people out and about on our walk. I worried that the crowd might be small. Some folks were walking away from The Ellipse. We were running late, so I thought we had missed President Trump’s speech.

Once we arrived at The Ellipse, my concerns evaporated. There were thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people there. We couldn’t get close enough to see President Trump. I couldn’t find the stage, but we could see the President on a large screen, and we could hear the speech.

The crowd at the Washington Monument and The Ellipse was massive.

Most of what I heard of the speech was boilerplate stuff we already know. He repeated his case for election fraud. A man near me kept saying, “We’ve heard all this before,” and he was right. I’m not sure what the man expected the President to say. At one point, I did hear President Trump say that our leaders are cowards. He’s right, they are, and they deserve what’s coming.

The number of people there was impressive. I have no idea how many we were, but it had to be hundreds of thousands at least. The crowd was diverse. The majority of patriots I saw were white, Asian, and Hispanic, in that order. I did see blacks here and there, not as many as a percentage. The largest “minority” were Asians. American Koreans, Vietnamese, and Chinese showed up in force to support President Trump. I assume they understand the true threats to America are domestic Communists and China.

After President Trump finished his speech, my gang started walking to the Capitol building. We marched east down Jefferson Drive. The atmosphere of the crowd was friendly and peaceful. I could sense the excitement and joy from the crowd. There was no anger or hostility.

On our walk to the Capitol building, we heard three or four loud booms. At the time, I had no idea what they were. From what I’ve read since the event, I assume those were flash bangs. By the time we arrived, people had already moved the barricades around the Capitol Hill lawn. There were tons of folks standing around on the grass.

The march from the monument to the Capitol was very calm.

Two women standing on the small stone wall around the Capitol were yelling for patriots to move in and help. I think I did hear one of them say something about “be a real man.” Apparently, that woman didn’t have a real man in her life to tell her to shut up. Men have no need for women to call them to action. When it’s time for the Revolution, the women need to stay home and watch the children. If they want to help, they should stay in the back lines and help with supplies and keep their mouths shut.

Since the barricades were already down, my gang decided to go up onto the grass. People had scaled the scaffolding that was on site for the inauguration. Folks were moving up the stairs and into the bleachers and balconies.

On the scaffolding was a back seat general trying to direct people into the fray. He had a bullhorn and kept yelling for patriots to move up and into the building. Right or wrong, I would have punched this man in his face and told him to shut up. I want nothing to do with men who yell for others to go into harms way while they remain “safe.” I have no idea what happened to this man, but my emotional reaction to his calls from what seemed like a safe place weren’t positive. Something to keep in mind for the Revolution.

While standing on the Capitol Building lawn, hundreds of people moved up the stairs, onto the balconies, and into the bleachers.

While standing on the Capitol lawn, crowds moved up the steps and bleachers. Capitol Hill police came out. We saw tear gas being sprayed here and there. I saw someone spraying tear gas from the second balcony down onto the first balcony. It was hard to tell who was doing what. The crowd moved up to the second balcony bleachers and the Capitol Hill police pushed them back.

I assume that at this point people were inside the building, but we had no idea what was going on while we were there. We had limited cell and data service. Most everyone around us on the grass were talking among themselves or chatting with neighbors.

A young man who had been tear gassed walked past heading away from the building. A while later, an old man who also had been gassed walked by. It looked like he had taken a few batons to the head and chest. The Capitol Hill police moved most everyone off the third floor balcony, but there was still a ton of folks on the stairs and bleachers. The patriots gathered on the stairs to the left unfurled a huge American flag. That was an impressive sight to see.

My friends and I had no plans to storm any building or damage any property, and that was the opinion of 99% of people there. We wanted to show up, support President Trump, and make it known to Congress that we do not agree with the election fraud.

Around 3:00 p.m., we saw the Emergency Alert from the DC mayor about the curfew starting at 6:00 p.m. My group hung around for about 30 or 45 minutes. Then I started hearing sirens and I saw flashing lights.We all agreed that it was time to exit The Swamp. We started walking back, and I heard someone with a bullhorn yelling, “Cease fire, cease fire.” That may have been when people inside the Capitol were getting shot.

The walk back to the metro was calm. There was one pink porta potty and the way back, and there was a line for it. I saw a few food trucks here and there. The train out was full of patriots and we all chatted about the day. We talked about the reports of the shootings. My gang headed out of DC around 4:00 or 4:30 p.m.

By the time I got home and saw the news, the commie journalists were all screaming “Insurrection at the Capitol!” I can’t overstate my contempt for these people. Then I read how all the GOP senators tripped over themselves to condemn the violence. Violence, heh. Cucks gonna cuck. Most of the elected officials on our “side” are useless.

That was my experience at The Rally. My friends and I were glad to be there. Our goal was never to storm any buildings. We wanted to be counted among the many who believe that traitors stole the 2020 election. For me, The Rally was about more than President Trump. It was about fairness. It was about American values, and it was about the future of our country.

The Rally was about making a statement to President Trump, Congress, and our fellow patriots. We are the majority. More than 74 Million Americans voted for President Trump. There are only 535 members of Congress. We are many. They are few. This is our country, not theirs.

I don’t know what will happen between now and Jan. 20. No one can predict the future. I do know that now is the time to appeal to heaven. Now is the time to get on your knees and pray. Now is the time pledge your allegiance to God Almighty and Jesus Christ. Sell your cloak and buy a sword.

Pray, and be ready to fight for America and the West.

American son of the Appalachian mountains. Happily married father of several and devoted man of God. Hold fast.


    • Thank you for the encouragement. We have to stand up and encourage others. Courage is hard, but it becomes easier when we see others who have it.

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