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The decline of western civilization that we are fighting against here at Men of the West is accelerating. I hope you are prepared enough that you can pop some popcorn, marvel at the stupidity, and plan for better times. If you’re like me, you aren’t ready for this, if one ever truly can be. I don’t know if this is just going to keep snowballing into something truly horrific, or if it will calm down so we can prepare some more. The tragedy seems inevitable now. We live in absurd times.

The truth has died. I blame the left. The left will blame the right, the filthy liars. You can’t watch the news and expect to know what is going on. Facebook suggested a news story to me about the shooting in New Mexico. The article gushed about how the police failed to arrest a white supremacist who was shooting innocent protesters. I’d already seen the video, so I got so angry I nuked the suggestion and told facebook it was misleading. I probably shouldn’t have done that, and instead tried to shine some light on the lies. But if you watch the video of the event in question, the man clearly was trying to leave, was attacked, and defended himself. You can question why he was there in the first place. It’s probably not his job to defend statues, but the police aren’t doing it. Remember the rules of stupid: Don’t do stupid things with stupid people at stupid times or in stupid places. You don’t break those rules and most of the time you’ll be fine. These rules tell you to mind your own business, don’t go looking for trouble, and don’t do stupid things that invite trouble. This guy was breaking those rules. But if you watch the video, it’s a clear cut case of self defense. They attacked him and shouted that they were going to kill him. If someone ever says they intend to hurt you, take them at their word and defend yourself. But this misleading article implied he was a white supremacist and that he was in the wrong. And facebook, who now feels that they are the arbiter of truth, suggested this absurd article as “news”.

Hate has been redefined. A “hate crime” was supposedly a crime committed because of hate. It was always a stupid concept. Why is it worse to kill someone because they are gay or because they are black than it is to kill someone for their car? Murder is murder, motivation is irrelevant, and it’s difficult to prove how one person feels about another. Because of this, you get people charged with hate crimes just because the victim was in a certain class. If a cop kills a black person you have a hate crime and the cops are getting charged with murder, even if the same thing would have happened to a white person in the same circumstances. The laws are being applied in absurd ways.

Apparently, products are supposed to be marketed with only pictures of white people on them. It was thought that when the supreme said separate but equal was unconstitutional, it was a major victory for civil rights. We now find out this was wrong, and we need black only safe spaces. Whites in the commie zone of Seattle are expected to pay black people a penalty for being white. Absurdity is now a way of life.

“Racism” now means something bad happened to you while your skin was black. “Racist” means white and conservative. “White supremacist” means white person that disagrees with a liberal. “Protester” now means “violent rioter” or “looter”. “Anti Fascists” are now fascist little sh_ts trying to start a war. The right to commit crimes unmolested has somehow been added to the Bill of Rights.

Nothing makes any sense. Leftist controlled cities are hives of racial inequality and the solution is to elect more leftists. Joe Biden is going to save us, although some may say that given his decades in government, he caused the problem.

The leftist local governments are making a huge mistake. They are showing that the way to get what you want is to riot and burn things. You should never reward that behavior unless you want more of it. Right now if you open a business you get arrested because of Corona virus, but if you burn one down it’s no big deal. If this continues, good people will get upset. Good people will get violent. We will either stop the violence and restore law and order or the people will use violence to restore law and order. Some day people are going to have to stop minding their own business and break the rules of stupid.

The police are being abused for being abusive. There are good cops doing a difficult job. There are bad cops abusing their position. There are cops walking off the job. There are cops standing around watching looters steal. There are cops doing heroic things too. There is a function for police, but understand, you are the only one that can protect you and your family. The role of police is going to have to be examined when this is over. When the chips are down, we all have to become rooftop Koreans or burn. The police can’t even defend their own precinct buildings right now.

We’ve lost the truth and we’ve lost the law. I have no doubt we’ll get them back. You can’t function as a society without them. The question is: How long till we get them back? How bad will it get, and how fast?

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  1. With currency inflation, you have an advantage if you are among the first people to get the money the Federal Reserve just printed, before prices in general start rising… average people take time to notice the money supply increased. With verbal inflation, words are given meanings they didn’t have before, and average people take time to notice the new meanings. Both kinds of inflation would be less dangerous if everyone knew about them, and made preparations, the day the inflation started. (I’m basically parroting this from one of Thomas Sowell’s books, maybe it was Intellectuals and Society.)

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