Church Security: It’s time

February 1, 2020
1 min read

I’m building a security team in my church. It’s a process that takes quite a bit of work and time. Unless you’ve been on a missions trip to the Congo or under a rock, you’ve seen the recent events that have given me a little more urgency to get things running smoothly.

I was asked to do this quite awhile back. I started researching, we had some meetings, bought some materials to assist in the project. But as is the case for a church this size, most of us are volunteers, and we do this in our spare time.

We had a signup and a dozen people signed up to be on the team. Then I waited for the elder board to say yes, these are the right people. And we kind of stalled out for a few months. Then the shooting in Texas happened, and that lit a fire under me. So I forced the issue a little harder with the elders and we started meeting as a security team and we are on our way.

We still have a ton of work to do. We have to determine how we plan to secure our church. We have to figure out the procedures for our church, the logistics of how we do it, and how to integrate security with all the other ministries. I’m producing written policies and procedures and that takes time.

But it will get done. If you see a need for security in your church, maybe you can help start it. If it’s already there, perhaps you can help.

I’m going to write a series here at Men of the West as we move through this process. Hopefully I can motivate you and help you as you secure your own church.

Just to get an idea of some of the things you need to consider when securing a church, watch this video: