Why Epstein Had to Die

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Brett Kavanaugh is getting smeared again. It is maddingly inept, unbelievably brash. I mean, the balls on these people:

They make movies about your family’s indiscretions.

Let’s think back to Jeffrey Epstein, now that his corpse has cooled, and the media is safe to bury the story along with him. I don’t know whether he was merely allowed to kill himself or if he was forced to. The fact is, there’s little difference. He didn’t die because he was a bad person and he deserved to, although he was and he did. He died because of what he knew. I think he was in the way because the Democrats wanted to smear Kavanaugh, and they can’t claim righteous indignation with kid sized skeletons in their own closets.
This is all because RBG has incurable cancer. Trump is going to get another pick, and there are big things coming up before the court as it is. They probably realize they aren’t going to win in 2020, unless they can force Trump to screw up majorly.
This is also because nobody holds these lying smear merchants accountable. The left half of the electorate is willing to forgive anything out of lefty politicians. Some of them aren’t paying attention, some just want to kill the unborn at all costs, some just swam across the river, and some just want their EBT cards. Some don’t know what morals are and why a politician shouldn’t lie to advance his agenda.
We should know better by now, but we have the same weakness as the left. We assume our opponents are like us. We assume they know that lying is a sin, that when caught doing wrong you should repent, and that you can work with people you disagree with. They assume we’re all liars covering our sins and that we want to kill them.


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