Trump Isn’t A Superhero- He Just Plays One In The White House

November 3, 2020
2 mins read

Editor’s Note: Heidi gives us her thoughts on today’s proceedings, as Trump starts Phase II.

There have been 104 superhero movies made since 2000. 36 from Marvel Comics® alone.

Americans like heroes.  The money shows us that more clearly than anything else. 

If you want to understand the Trump frenzy then you have to consider this factor because Trump is larger than life, indefatigable (that means he doesn’t seem to get tired, for all you in Rio Linda), and he even beat the bogeyman, Covid-19.

He’s huge.  His personality, his literal size, his successes, and his failures have all been done on a bigger than life scale. 

He has BILLIONS. His wife is a super model.  His children are intelligent, successful, confident, witty, and beautiful. Even you, Tiffany, although you are no Ivanka, bless your heart.

His suits are exquisite, his charisma palpable even through the small screens. 

We have, quite literally, in my lifetime, never had a figure of a man more reminiscent of a Hollywood blockbuster super hero.

His wrists are iron. His stance resolute.  Give the man a damn cape, already!

And his VP is Race Bannon.


Against that grand mythos, in a more stark contrast than can even be comprehended, the opposition put a man who can’t finish a sentence, who toddles onto stage unaware of his surroundings, a 45+ year career riddled with racism, corruption, and children like, well, Hunter. Who didn’t kill himself.

Because they always double down? They paid for his cackling VP whose legacy of murder, mayhem, and… kneeling for power are public knowledge.

Whoever our next President ends up being by right or by fraud, there has never been a figure like Donald. J. Trump and our country has been given the opportunity to rise up and form battle lines.  

Jesus said two things that seem in opposition.  One was, “if someone needs your coat, give them your cloak also” (Matthew 5:40) and the other, Luke 22:36. If you don’t have a weapon? Sell what you have, even if it seems Important, even a cloak, and buy one. 

Give or take? Help or kill?  So much dissonance?  Not really.

There is no discrepancy. 

Jesus understood the Gospel truth was at war with the ways of the world.  Both in practice as generosity, kindness, and care for our neighbor are something evil seeks to destroy and in the reality that our enemy wants to destroy us and we SHOULD be capable and prepared to defend others and us.

The list of warriors in the Bible is epic.  God doesn’t hate masculinity.  He doesn’t hate the compassionate either. The lists of good deeds and His commands to love our neighbor resonate through the millennia.

There is no dichotomy. There is no separation.  Not then. Not now.

Our country is on the precipice of extraordinary change and we are standing fast with both cloak and sword.  We have an opportunity to stand up against a pervasive evil that wants to Thanos all we hold dear, as those who love Godly Truth and Wisdom.

However you vote. However this ends.

It all changes tonight. 

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