Two Tribes

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Editor’s Note: For a guy who decided to slow down posting…Adam Piggott has been putting up some great quality. If you are not regularly reading his page, you should be.

Here is a post from James with a selection of tweets from Republicans lamenting the fact that the Left in America were somewhat callous at the death of Donald Trump’s brother. Apparently ‘The Wrong Trump’ was trending on Twitter. Cue outrage from the Right. Can’t the left take a break for 5 minutes and be human, they lament.

No, they cannot. For a start, any non-self respecting prog would laugh at the very idea that they might show compassion or mercy for Trump in this way. They wouldn’t dare. They know very well that they would immediately be ostracized and devoured alive by their own side. They know this so well because it is what they would do if one of their besties would be so indiscreet as to display such weakness.

Nobody is going to be the one to stop clapping first.

The pundits on the Right having a good moan at this barbarity are living in a world of fantasy. There are now two white tribes in America, at the very least. They are distinct from one another in every way except for blood. The major outcome of the Trump presidency has been the revealing by the Left of their true intentions. They want complete power so they can destroy their enemies. They have no intention of turning the other cheek or going along to get along. They want to win and they want to destroy. They have no other plan than this. What remains after the destruction, how life will go on once their aims have been reached, no such thought has been given. And that is because they do not know how to build.

I will do my very best not to cover the looming US presidential election. Unlike the 2016 race, this one is uninteresting in the sense that whomever triumphs, the outcome is war. You will not see me writing about Biden’s ludicrous running mate, nor his own dementia addled antics. Frankly, anyone on our side who takes the time and energy at this moment to delve into the back history of either of these two clowns has completely missed the point. Nobody who is going to vote does not already know how they will vote.

What will characterize this election is the amount of fraud involved. The Democrats are desperate to win and will do just about anything to do so. Expect voter intimidation of the kind previously reserved for kind and understanding elections in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The Republicans will have no choice but to engage in kind; even they will understand that a playing field that uneven will leave them no chance.

Which will bring about the civil war as the side that loses will demand victory owing to the election being fraudulent, which it will be, from both sides. A self fulfilling prophecy. For my good friends living in America wondering what to do, simply examine in detail the opening salvo of the Spanish Civil War. You did not want to be a Nationalist living in the villages around Barcelona in 1936. Nor did you want to be a lefty-Republican living in Cadiz.

Likewise in Australia, as Australians have been Americans in training since the end of the Second World War. Expect events in America to mirror themselves Down Under, no matter how ludicrous that may seem. We have already seen the foreshadowing of this with copycat BLM protests. So if you read my blog and you live in Victoria, you might want to consider the Northern Territory, no matter how distasteful that might seem. Better a sweaty butt crack than being dragged out of your home and summarily shot.

This is the road upon which we are headed, long since set out upon. The two tribes are going to war and this time they have nuclear weapons. The ironic subplot to the Cold War could well be that America nukes itself.

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