Who Ya Gonna Call?

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We have a new Ghostbusters trailer.  I was on the fence about this film after the abomination that was the 2016 film (and no, I’m not going to call it “Ghostbusters”), but having seen the new trailer, I am starting to feel optimistic about this project, and I am starting to look forward to going to see this movie.  You might could say that I love this plan, I’m excited to be a part of it.  Lets do it!
But no sooner than the trailer released than the usual suspects started trying to run it down.

To which I say.  Yes it’s true.  This man has no dick.
It’s always a new day to these assholes.  It’s as if they think we don’t remember how things went down with Abomination 2016.  It started with Amy Pascal hiring Paul Feig to make the movie.  Fans weren’t sure that Bridesmaids Guy was the best choice to lead the franchise into the 21st Century.  And then… he started bringing in the cast of Bridesmaids.  When the fans started to make it known they weren’t down for Bridesmaids with Ghosts they were promptly called misogynists and racists.  And it’s absolutely ridiculous that at this point they think they can play the “Who are you going to believe me or your lying eyes” game.  But what we are seeing is actually the Third Law of Social Justice at work.  SJW’s Always Project.
It is not the fans who are racist and misogynist.  These are people who just wanted another installment in a series of movies that they loved, weren’t on board with the way that the series was going, and had the temerity to say something.  No.  It is the SJW’s who reveal their true feelings.  The Ghostbusters must be destroyed because the Ghostbusters are 4 men, and 3 of them are white.   They are fuming that their attempt to kill Ghostbusters and wear it as a skin suit has failed.
The lesson to learn here is the same one from The Emperor’s New Clothes.  In order for the lie to fall, all you have to do is simply state the obvious truth.
Hopefully Sony will completely ignore the SJWs and let them scream their heads off into the void.  Because nobody wants to live in the hate filled dystopian world they want to create.


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