It can be tempting, times being what they are, to accept the state of the land at face value and concern one’s self with a nation (term used loosely for the sake of expedience) in decline. It doesn’t take much more than a five-minute scan of the day’s headlines to see that, as the Current_Year advances, there are two clear questions coming ever more into focus: 1)what does it mean to be an American, 2) and sadly, what does it mean to be a Not-American?

Even as recently as 20 years ago, the latter question would seem absurd to a normal guy trying to go about the affairs of his life. After all, why would an American care? As the 21st century has progressed, it turns out the distinction matters a great deal. In fact, it will be the central question of the next decade, even if none of the Punditariat class uses the phrase in question.

What is a Not-American?

It isn’t simply those who live outside of the United States. In fact, unfortunately, the distinction is best described as those residing in the United States who hold political, social, cultural, and economic views that are contrapositive to the interests of Americans and the United States. In better times, when men were men and the Germans didn’t trust the French with philosophy, we called it sedition, and its practitioners traitors.

Thanks Millennials.

Where is Not-America?

The image featured above is Not-America, the urban population zones that have metastasized like tumors in every state of the land. In Not-America, the law matters not. It is the sociopolitical equivalent of an atheist: adamant that its proto-Communism works, while coasting into oblivion on the fading inertia of an American culture in retreat. In another decade, Not-America will be somewhere on a sliding scale between Cartel Country (ceiling) and Mogadishu (floor), and like the city of Dis, you do not want to be an American stuck on that side of the line when the curtain drops.

To say that the law matters not there is not simple exaggeration; Not-America, and the Not-Americans who inhabit it, are r-selected solipsistic cowards who cannot imagine any other way of organizing affairs big and small than ends-justify-means behavior, negating any possibility of finding common ground on any subject, no matter how trivial.

What does this mean for the future?

The next decade will be pivotal in how the story of the 21st century is told, and more importantly, in who tells it. With few outliers, it is crucial to realize that there is not a single structure of influence or power, beyond the current occupant of the Oval Office, who doesn’t subscribe to the Not-American model and who doesn’t want anything more from you than to go away and die.

The Not-American model favors every immigrant a hero, every vagrant a victim, every layabout a revolutionary, and it does not persist on ideology, despite most Not-Americans being Communists and Democrats. It is, in fact, the absence of ideology, of coherence, of spirit; a gaping black hole where knowledge and truth are crushed by the gravitational shear of a weaponized Nothing.

So what can we do?

Be fruitful and multiply, and raise your children well. Almost every problem we face today can and will eventually be solved by the restoration of family and community- real community, not the corrupted Communist simulacrum, as the center the social order.