Anatomy of a Leftist: Projection

March 11, 2019
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It’s one of Vox Day’s three rules of SJWs.

  1. SJWs always lie.
  2. SJWs always double down.
  3. SJWs always project.

I’m going to write about that last one. It’s a pretty powerful tool in the toolbox once you understand it. First let’s define terms. SJWs are self titled Social Justice Warriors. Refer to rule 1. Right off the bat, they are lying. They care nothing for justice. They only care to advance the leftist narrative. Justice is usually a casualty. I use SJWs interchangeably with leftists, although that’s not technically correct. SJWs are leftists. Not all leftists are SJWs. However, the dominant ideology on the left at this time is that of the SJW.
SJWs always project. Whatever they accuse you of doing, they are doing themselves. Remember the Steele Dossier? That was Hillary Clinton colluding with foreign intelligence agents  in order to affect the outcome of an election. Donald Trump did not collude with the Russians. The leftist Hillary accused Trump of colluding after she lost. The swamp creatures in Washington used the Steele Dossier, which was fake, as the basis to start the investigation into the Trump campaign. Mueller found nothing. Democrat politicians are going to keep investigating, though, because since they have retaken the House, nobody can stop them. They will keep looking until they find something, or they’ll pretend to find something and count on their willing accomplices in the media to hype it.
There’s more to this, though. It is more than just projection of actions; they also project feelings. By projecting, leftists are giving us a window into their black souls. SJWs constantly accuse the right of fear. Islamo-homo-gynophobia or whatever. This is because they fear. They accuse us of hate, because they hate. They accuse us of greed, while they try to take our money.
If you find yourself in the sights of an SJW, be mindful of what she accuses you of. She’s telling you where she’s vulnerable. Just like when Hillary accused Donald Trump of what she herself was doing. Perhaps that was a missed opportunity. If we had made more of the Deep State and Hillary colluding with the Russians, perhaps we could have headed that fiasco off.


  1. “She’s telling you where she’s vulnerable.” This was a great revelation back in the day when it was first being bandied about. One of those things that stares you in the face when someone shows you it and you feel stupid. You feel petty at first…like you are playing the “nu-uh. YOU eat worms game.”
    But then you realize…damn…this is potent stuff once you laugh off the initial attack and turn it about on the accuser. Hilarity ensues.
    Good to be reminded of this sir.

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