Apostolic Thought vs Talmudic Thought Part IV: Save Babies or Kill Babies

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There was a story in Big League Politics recently about a very brave doctor and his staff who threw away the poisonous jab and administered saline shots to children who’s parents concurred with him that they didn’t aant the poisonous jab. 

First off, this man is a hero, and his staff as well.  They are now being tried for Federal Crimes like destroying government property (wait, I thought it was “private enterprise” that created the Jibber Jabbers), defrauding the United States government, etc…  These people were acting Apostolically in a Talmudic System.  And I want to draw your attention to the bravest of brave heroes of the OT, those Hebrew (not Jewish) midwives who risked life and limb to save precious Hebrew babies!  Remember that just like in Utah all the parents were also “in on it” with those brave Hebrew midwives.  They also risked life and limb to save their babies.  Because that’s what Apostolic Christians Always Do, the risk their OWN lives to save others!

Old Testament Jewish people sacrificed their children to Ba’al and Moloch.  OT Hebrew people risked their own lives to save their children from Pharaoh and from Moloch (satan specifically or one of his demons).

This is an example of when you are “lying” to avoid the sin of Bearing False Witness.  As Rahab and the Hebrew Midwives show us.  We are required to not turn in innocent people to an evil government.  Apostolic Thought has always sided with those who told evil government agents something false, to not turn in the innocent.  What I’m saying is not to commit a lesser sin to avoid a bigger sin.  I’m saying that 99.9% of the time that we lie are “passing the buck” to someone else and therefore “bearing false witness” against everyone else in the room.  Or againt co-workers.  If the Hebrew midwives or Rahab had pointed the finger at someone else they would have born a false witness against them and it would have been sin.  That’s not what they did.  They bravely risked the heat on themselves to save others.  And for the Hebrew Midwives and Rahab they are greatly rewarded by being placed in the Hall of Faith in the Book of Hebrews (not the Book of Jews)!

Those Hebrew Midwives were rewarded with the greatest gift a wife could have – children.  And as we Patriarchal Men of the West know (those of us who are actually in The Fight, not just the Social Media fake fight) children are a blessing!  

For those of you stuck in the Talmudic cesspool of false Christianity there is hope.  Be brave, be heroic, just like this Apostolic doctor and his staff.  Don’t be Talmudic like those who will strive to destroy their lives.  For the Jews have always loved persecuting the Hebrews, and they love persecuting us Christians because we ARE the Hebrews, just as the Jews are the persecutors of both Hebrews and Christians.

There is no better trade for women outside marriage and motherhood, than to be a faithful midwife.

Be Strong and Brave,

Be Apostolic,

Be a Hebrew (Apostolic Christian) Midwife!

Darrel Sipes is a Husband to a biblical wife, Father of five strong sons and two beautiful daughters, a Carpenter and a Christian, as well as a Bread-winner.


  1. Well said. Just the willingness to take blame and not pass it off is a worthy attribute, but even more so in the service of saving lives and doing the work of the Almighty.

  2. I’d call out the US government for being hypocrites here for seeking to ruin this man while letting BLM burn, loot, and murder for months with no justice meted, but if there was one defining aspect of Clown World rule it’s constant, never-ending hypocrisy, as befitting the followers of the father of lies.

  3. I think it’s dangerous making a virtuous distinciton between Hebrew and Jewish people, it feeds into the (singularly heretical notion that the Jews are somehow virtuous because of the Old Testament.
    The Jews or Hebrews were racist, genocidal scum that were/are a menace to their neighbors. Jesus said the Covenant is broken and the Jews are the synagogue of the Devil.
    Let’s heed those words.

    • The distinction is made very clear in “True Religion and the Real Problem.” Start there if you’re curious how I addressed this earlier. Have a good day.

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