Apostolic Thought vs Talmudic Thought, Part III

November 7, 2022
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We have already addressed the difference between the True Abrahamic Religion of Sacramental Trinitarian Christianity and the Ba’al and Molech worshipping satanic religion of Judaism.  We have already spoken about the difference between Making Money (earning it by making other people’s lives better), and Getting Money (getting it by making other people’s lives worse).  We’ve spoken about how we have an excellent chance to turn (and have turned some) some of the 50 Nations in the American Empire back into Christian Nations instead of Talmudic Nations.  And we are starting a discussion that most men in America have not had the balls to talk about in a while!

We are trying to teach our brothers who”get it” in other areas, but are still making Talmudic decisions instead of Christian decisions.  We want to be Joshua and Caleb, not Golden Calf pagan fearmongers, too scared to fight the Giants (yes the Caananites were ACTUAL Giants) that confront us.

I’m going to get really simple here and try to get you to feel like a Hebrew/Israelite, instead of a Jew.  

Have you ever said how lame the Israelites were for getting meat (quail) and manna (angel bread, seriously) every single day and then still worrying about God’s provision?  And then when they didn’t trust Him, the manna spoiled and had maggots.  Have you ever said that it’s hard to believe they could trust so little?  

Now when was the last time that you went to bed with NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING in your closet for tomorrow?  Because you also have to realize that except for the night before Sabbath, these people went to bed with absolutely nothing in the way of food in ANY kind of storage container!  When you see it like that, you realize that these people had more faith than I do (but I crave that faith, I repent when I don’t have it, and I’m not “okay” with not having it)!  These people went to bed every single night with no food.  No food.  No food.  I have tons and tons of food in the fridge and pantry and shelves, and I still don’t trust God nearly enough to provide for me.  The Apostolic Faith is to trust in God for provision, working hard to gather what he gives you, and to never break His laws to “provide better.”  Your “manna and quail” that you gather while breaking the law is death and filth.  There is nothing left when you live disgracefully.  

The choice is simple: to radically trust God and actually strive to obey Him, or to continually despair and fearmonger while you act like a Talmudist.

THE WAY to defeat the Talmudists is to STOP living like a Talmudist!

Remember that Christianity and Talmudism are the exact opposite ends of a spectrum that does have a middle ground in other beliefs and lifestyles.

Apostolic Christianity is perfect and worships the Trinity.

Talmudic Judaism is completely false with zero goodness in it and worships Satan (and demons – Ba’al, Molech).

You cannot live in fear as these Talmudist Jews do.  They live in utter fear every single second of the day, in fear of their rabbis (who are dictators), in fear of their demonic gods, in fear everywhere and always.  This is why Joshua (remember Joshua the Patriarch is our Saint, NOT theirs; theirs is the religion of the people who did NOT enter the Promised Land because they were full of fear instead of courage) always spoke of courage to his men, “courage men courage!”

We Men of the West KNOW that it takes courage to continue to live Biblical lives in a day when most of those at Church are actually living Talmudic.  But we must remember that in every age of this world (with small exceptions like Joshua), the Brave Courageous Faith of Abraham has always been surrounded by Talmudic lies and those who secretly follow Molech while they claim to follow Christ.  Even in your church that you attend (you damn well better be faithfully attending church – so help you God), find brothers that are courageous and simply be part of each other’s lives!

Be strong and courageous, living a life of Scriptural virtue, even as others are reaping financial rewards (may their money perish with them) for living lives of Talmudism (that cheats and lies and cares nothing for others).  Theirs is a life that ends in fear and death and misery; ours is a life that ends with angels personally escorting us through the air where Powers and Principalities rule and will have NO CLAIM over us!

They will carry our soul with their mighty winged arms through the air, through gates in the firmament (yes, biblical cosmology is key here), up into the Blessed Realm of the First Heaven, surrounded by Angels and Archangels, Patriarchs and Prophets, Saints and Apostles, Martyrs and our blessed loved ones gone before.

You will sing praises to The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit with Warrior King David playing the harp on Psalms he wrote with his own hand.  You will supp with Ruth and Rahab as sisters in this blessed throng and hear of their stories.  You will run with Joshua and Caleb and they will actually ask YOU about things they witnessed in your life (if you keep the faith and hold strong, and Be Brave)!  You will speak with Aquinas of philosophy and Chrysostom of the sermons given to him by the Spirit.

You will dream with Lewis and Tolkien and ponder how great the Lamb is!

Wonder and peace and Mystery and Life await you, if you will serve this King and follow the Apostles’ way where your father is Abraham!

Death and fear and misery for all eternity await you if you will serve Ba’al and Molech in the Synagogue of Satan, where your father is the devil.

Darrel Sipes is a Husband to a biblical wife, Father of five strong sons and two beautiful daughters, a Carpenter and a Christian, as well as a Bread-winner.


  1. I don’t agree with paragraph 5(?) that they hade more faith than us They were just stuck. Those who rebelled against the mana and quail are more shocking for stupidity and unreasonableness than lack of faith. How did they expect Moses to provide better in a literal dessert? Where else did they propose getting a meal. There was nowhere else they could go without collapsing from lack of food before getting there. So sone accepted their stuckness. Not exactly faith.

    • You’re right in that I wish I had worded it more clearly.

      But I still think my point stands that when I don’t trust in God, I’m usually thinking about him not providing enough money for my meals 3 months from now (I have savings and food in storage).

      They went to bed with absolutely nothing at all anywhere every single night and still had to trust God each day.

      You can say that they had miraculous provision, but I would add that I also have miraculous provision not just for today, but for months, and I still waver!

      Those who did not gather during the Sabbath had more faith than I sometimes have.

      I pray I become the Saint I ask him to make me when I oray with my 7 kids each night “give me this day my DAILY bread (not 401k or bread 20 years from now).

  2. The line about Lewis and Tolkien really touched me. I know many orthodox parents who didn’t let their children read the Lord of the Rings or watch the movies because they actually thought they would be evil influence on their souls.
    I seriously fear pagans and buddhists and heretics will bow before Christ when they finally meet Him, meanwhile many of us will not recognise Him unless there is a “Jesus Christ” written on His forehead…

    • Praise God. Thank you for the Comment.

      I am touched deeply by how they could write theological Truths through their mythology. Some knock them because they’ll say their theology is not “perfect.” These are mostly Soy Boys who’ve done nothing in their real life ever for anyone else. But who want to diss other people to sound “orthodox.”

  3. How is it possible, I have often wondered, that you could face starvation yet have vast herds and flocks of sheep, goats and what have you at hand? This is something that is a blocking point in my Biblical journey. Perhaps someone may provide an answer for me.

    Thank you

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