Apostolic Thought vs Talmudic Thought Part II

October 26, 2022
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“What is the significance of the elimination of Roe vs Wade at a federal level?”  It has now allowed states to decide if they will be Christian or Talmudic (Jewish).  Roe vs Wade officially forced the – Ba’al and Molech worshipping, child sacrificing, Golden Calf worshipping, Prophet and Apostle killing, Christ killing – false religion of Judaism on the United States of America.  The elimination of Roe vs Wade at the federal level, allows the states to outlaw child sacrifice and once again become Christian nations!  

Of course there are countless “various and random” groups who have brought lawsuits against these states, and if you tip-toe around the daisies you will NEVER be able to figure out what these “various and random” groups all have in common.  If you are not willing to say that whether the group is Atheist or Religious they are ALL Jewish, then you will continue to fight the battle on the wrong front.  Atheist Jews think Ba’al isn’t real but should still be sacrificed to.  Religious Jews know they sacrifice to Ba’al and love him.  They firmly agree on the good of child sacrifice.

But if America became Talmudic after Roe vs Wade then how did a Christian nation get there?  It always starts with The Church first.  The biggest problem in the 1800’s and early 1900’s was the re-introduction of the heresy of the Pre-Trib rapture and the “Millenium” view of eschatology.  These were condemned as heretical by the Catholics, Orthodox, Lutherans and Calvinists (probably the Non Chalcedons too), “Chiliasm” and “Jewish Fables are the terms condemned in the Book of Concord.  But what did these “new” heresies bring back in?  They brought back in the scurge of Zionism, the filthy rascism that says certain people can utterly violate the Natural Law and property rights of others because of their “race.”  These Pre-Tribbing baptist churches have supported the most wicked regime in the history of the World, the Talmudic Zionist state of Israel, and the Zionist Talmudic state of America.  So the promotion of this heresy is a HUGE part of convincing Christians that Israelis can do whatever they want because they are chosen.  But now that we know what the problem is (Pre-Trib Rapture, Zionist Madness) in our churches, why can’t we just discuss it civilly as long as we don’t hurt people?  Well the solution for the Jews to that to that was this little event in the 1940’s called the Holocaust.

The Myth of the Holocaust is the Founding Myth of The Talmudic Empire, which is the USA and Israel.  The Founding Myth led to Talmudic Judaism becoming the official religion of America.  Let it be known that Hitler was a Jewish stooge who was an enemy of the amazing German People.  He actually killed a million Germans, and he did deport many Jews and others (maybe 300,000 Jews were killed during WWII, and it is a tragedy that it happened).  But the rich affluent Jews used Hitler to gin up sympathy and eliminate debate, as you could not debate Zionism for fear of being called an “Anti-Semite.”  And there is nothing worse in our society than being anti-Talmudic.  Remember that Christians and Jews are from the same races of people.  You are either a Logos worshipper, or a Logos Killer (who your parents and grandparents were means nothing).  And you CAN be saved from the latter!

But currently many people ARE awakening to the Pre-Trib Rapture Madness and problem (so step 1 is going well).  But they cannot discuss what the Scripture and Confessions and Church Fathers teach on this because of fear of being called an Anti-Semite.  The Holohoax keeps the First Lie from being as openly discussed as it should be (but again, much ground is being gained here).  Men of the West keep fighting hard!  We are close to Victory.  And The King WILL be victorious, the question is whether you will be with him in the victory, or will you turn tale and run.

Darrel Sipes is a Husband to a biblical wife, Father of five strong sons and two beautiful daughters, a Carpenter and a Christian, as well as a Bread-winner.

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