Arranged Marriages

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When I was young, my Boomer parents raised me to put women on a pedestal, to not argue with them, to give them the benefit of the doubt, and turn the other cheek. They then took a totally laissez-faire attitude when it came to the relationships of their children. My oldest sister married an abuser. My older brother married an abuser and a drug addict. My youngest sister married a serial cheater. And I also learned the hard way about toxic and manipulative women.

Now that I’m a father and my kids are getting older, I am forced to think about what I will do in a few years when they get old enough to date. Obviously, I want to learn from my parents’ mistakes. I don’t want my children going off blind into the world with nothing but my thoughts and prayers to protect them from predators and abusers.

As insane as the world was when I was coming of age and dating, it has gotten 100x worse since then. These days you literally have to designate that your heterosexual preference does not include people who’ve had gender reassignment. These days you need written consent before having consensual sex. These days you can be fired or kicked out of school for refusing to date a trans-gender person.

As our society continues to spiral down the drain and everything becomes completely polarized, it is evident that we need to revisit the idea of arranged marriages. Now, I’m not talking about trading your daughter to a fat old man in exchange for political alliance. I’m talking about purposefully weeding out anyone who isn’t already homogeneous with your own morals and traditions. Finding a boy who has gone to church with your family for years, who your daughter already likes and whose family you know well. Something along those lines.

My own personal plan is to require any potential suitors for my daughters to go through an internship program. Before any boy can date one of my daughters, I want them to spend four consecutive weekends doing chores around my house. I want a 20-page paper on a topic of my choosing. And I want them to build something to present to my daughter. This will weed out the vast majority of problematic suitors because no one who just wants sex is going to bother. Only a boy who really likes them will go through the trouble.

And if by some miracle, some shithead actually wants to go through the program, I can always just say he didn’t pass. This program has the benefit of allowing my daughters to “date whoever they want” as long as they pass the program, which is completely up to me. The sons of the Men of the West will likely get an easy pass. The sons of some commie cuck down the street will be told to kick rocks.

Think about it like this: when we hire people to work for us, don’t we make them fill out an application? Don’t we give them a background check? Don’t we ask for references? Why? Because we want to maximize our chance of hiring a responsible person who will be a benefit to our business. So, if we take such care for a business, why would we ever just wish for the best when it comes to the lives of our children and future grandchildren? You remember what its like to be a teen. Every date has the potential of producing a child. Even your good little church kids have raging hormones that are difficult to resist.  Why would you play roulette with their future that way?

The US as we know it is not long for this world. Our children and grandchildren will be the ones rebuilding our world. We owe it to them to give them the best chance for success at marriage and happiness. We owe it to our ancestors to ensure that our morals and traditions live on past us. Don’t gamble of any of this. Have a say in who your children date, and understand that dating is preparation for marriage.

Donner Schwanze is a Traditional Christian with Traditional values. He has had a tough life and has worked hard for everything he has. As a Father and a Husband, Donner will do whatever it takes to defend his God, his nation, and his family.


    • I’ve found that if a girl doesn’t instinctively befriend your mother and starting learning how to take care of you she is trash. That said our program for a potential girlfriend for our son is similar in that we will want her doing crafts and such with my wife and eventually prepare a large family meal.

  1. A good post, and makes lots of sense. But don’t give the Prometheans jizya with your grammar and diction.

    Not, “who your daughter likes,” but, “whom your daughter likes.”
    Not, “I want them to spend four weekends,” but, “I want him to spend four weekends.”
    Not, “Only a boy who really likes them,” but, “Only a boy who really likes her.”

    Of all the things that need to be rectified, the rectification of grammar is among the most important. Language is the fundamental tradition, because it is the medium of transmission for all the others.

    • Interesting, and much agreed, to a point. Language is important and has been so dumbed down. I cringe when I read people, with whom I agree, using poor grammar, as it only fuels certain narratives on the other side. However, at the end of the day, well done is more important than well said.

  2. This will only work if your daughter is on board. If she decides to rebel she will find someone who is the exact opposite of who you want, just to defy you, ask me how I know.

    • My daughters are on board. Ive been telling them this is how it will be since the moment they first started talking about boys. And they know that if they ever try to get around the program their lives of freedom are over. No phones, no internet, no cars, they will be dropped off and picked up from anywhere they need to go and they will wear uniforms of 5 plain shirts and 5 plain slacks. You need to break the mentality that you have less influence over your children than this fallen world. If the pull of the world is too strong take the Benedict option and withdrawl from it. Its all garbage anyway.

      • Both parents need to be in agreement for this policy to work. But even that may not be enough if your child has been indoctrinated about their “rights” and threatens to get your local “child protection” authorities involved. You may need to call that bluff by stating that if they go out of bounds, they can stay out of bounds.

        • Its absolutely true that both parents need to be on board. As for the rest, if your kids are being taught what to think from the world more than you its time to remove your family from the world. You dont need cable. You dont need internet.

    • Right. You let you kids date whoever they want. Ill let them date whoever is good for them. We will see who’s kids turn out right.

      • There’s the problem. You are viewing your daughters, and women in general as property to be sold to the highest bidder.

        • Its pretty obvious that you’re not the intended audience for this web magazine. Take your male feminism bullshit elsewhere.

        • Ahhh, little troll bot. Nice try at the SJW double down. You failed Of course that is what is to be expected from no chin low IQ xhe’s. I think you would be better off at the twatter echo chamber than here. Now shoo!

  3. You raise some outstanding points, especially in the first paragraph. The unquestioned (by most) first principle of feminism is that simply by being born female, one is perfect, omniscient, and above all criticism. How preposterous! The fact that men have allowed this to take hold is pathetic. The only rational view is that men and women each have inherent human dignity, each have a role to play, and it’s one’s character that matters. It’s a team effort and neither gender is automatically good or bad, right or wrong . Furthermore, chivalry and manners are just that, a way of behaving that is in general a good thing, but it is icing on the cake, it is not to be extended to the point of letting women have their way in all things. Having grown up in a gynocentric household, I’m sick of seeing otherwise good men let themselves be walked all over by immature, narcissistic, and entitled women. And worst of all, thinking they’re being good men because of it, some sort of white knight rescuing the poor damsel in distress. Furthermore, manipulative women know exactly what they’re doing. I could go on, but this is long enough.
    It is one’s basic duty as a parent to guide one’s children in developing wisdom and making good decisions. This is particularly pertinent with respect to dating, sexuality and marriage. So good on you for being committed to looking out for your children’s best interests. Children need guidance, and if they don’t get it at home, they will get it from peers, social media, or teachers. In today’s culture, leaving it to the latter is criminal.

  4. Yes. This issue has troubled me for a while. The dating pool is a whorehouse. Frankly, I don’t trust hardly any young Americans whatsoever. Our entire people have been poisoned. Most of the next generation is a school house lesson in how to be a toxic waste mutant.

  5. As a high school valedictorian who makes $300K /yr, knows 3 trades, and married a Christian, I would have walked right on past you and your stupid rules to another house. Oh look! An old man who can’t even wire a house and makes less than the starting salary for my degree program wants to quiz me before I can take his princess to get ice cream in a public place. Mkay there fella but I’m not a job applicant to supplicate to you. I’m a catch.

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