Author: Donner Schwanze

Having Lost The Fear Of God

When criminals are executed, they are given a narrative reading their charges and sentence. For a few hundred years in Europe and America, that narrative would include the description of the accused as “having lost the fear of God”.  While modern times see every criminal painted as a victim; murderers and thieves as victims of poverty, drug addicts and child molesters as victims of trauma; the statement “having lost the fear of God” puts the responsibility squarely where it belong, with the  person who has committed the crime. It is an important distinction to make, and one that is...

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Beast Life: T-Bar Row

Previously, I went over the leaning T-bar row. This time, we are going to talk about the bent over T-bar row. Some gyms have stations for this exercise, with a bar affixed to a hinge in the floor or on a stand, and a set of handles on the other end. If there is no station, you can improvise with a barbell, by stuffing one end into the corner and a handle from the lat pull station under the other end. Whichever you do, the rest will be the same. Get a wide stance, about two foot lengths behind...

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Beast Life: Dumbbell Press

If you’re doing dumbbell presses instead of bench press, you’re gay and you’re not fooling anyone. Dumbbell presses should only ever supplement your bench, never replace it. You may temporarily replace the bench press with dumbbells in order to get a necessary break from bench, which is sometimes useful for overcoming a plateau. But you’d better be putting up a worthy weight or else people will peg you for a fuck-boy just trying to get his peacock on. Select a warm up weight that is 20-30% lower than your bench warm up. Using a good flat bench, usually found...

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Beast Life: Close Grip Bench/Tricep Press

If you want to fill out your sleeves you will do the close grip bench. Your triceps make up 2/3 of your arm. Sure your biceps get noticed first, but the true “damn dude!” comes from a cascade of flesh pouring out of your sleeve. And the close grip bench press is the best way to overload your triceps. You will probably be able to work with 70-80% of your flat bench work load, because this is also a compound movement. Start off with the same body position as the flat bench: back arched, shoulders pinched back. Grab the...

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Beast Life: Barbell Curl

The barbell curl is heralded as the best bicep exercise for both size and strength. It allows you to maximize your working weight without the EZ curl cheat. You will find that you do more weight for more reps than you can with dumbbells. I like using the lower hooks on the bench press for this, straddling the bench. You may also choose to set up on a squat rack. Lector bitches about people doing curls in the squat rack, but the thing is, the bars adjust for a reason. It’s to allow other exercises. And besides, gym people...

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