Body Positivity Is Evil

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You shall know them by their fruits. And the fruit of the Body Positivity message is indeed evil.
Recently an old article about a woman named Catherine Oakeson who died of a heart attack at just 49 has been making the rounds on social media. Catherine was a huge body positivity activist, and also just plain huge as you can see from this picture posted less than 4 months before her death.

Described by a friend as “a size-acceptance pioneer,” Catherine lead the way in encouraging women to essentially give up on improving themselves and to let their health go while chanting the mantra modern mantra of “healthy at any size.” This warped ideology has pervaded the culture and of course is a cause taken up by the likes of  SJWs and of which Jigglypuff is no doubt an adherent.
The average woman is going to live at least 25 more years than Catherine did. 25 years of building community, sharing life, building families, raising children, contributing to the economy. 25 years were robbed from friends, family, children. And thanks to those in the Body Positivity movement, thousands more women will die early every year, compounding this social problem and devastating many more people.
Instead, women should be taught to love themselves AND love themselves enough to better themselves. Its what adults do; we strive to be better today than we were yesterday. We mock pop lyrics like from Alessia Cara’s song Scars To Your Beautiful declaring “no better you than the you that you are.” Of course there is better, and accepting that and working towards that better you in no way means you hate your current self.
As men, and women, of the West, we cannot simply accept the world’s lies. We must instead act in true love towards ourselves and others as well as our God. Caring for your body is one such way to act out that love, as you cannot fulfill what God has called you to do if you are too unhealthy, by your own choices, to do it. And dying early is robbing others of the things only you can provide, and that is an evil visited upon people by those who buy into the Body Positivity movement


  1. Gross, I wish eyes could puke! People who will tell you the truth about yourself are much better friends than those who won’t.

  2. I’m all for the body positivity movement. In fact they should have their own island and live there away from prying eyes. We can ship raw lard to them by the barrel.
    Think of he benefits of removing themselves from normal people!

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