Cancelling Cancel Culture

March 3, 2021
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In this week’s episode, I explore the fallout from Gina Carano’s cancellation by the Twatter mob and Disney, and offer up some thoughts about lessons that we can all learn from the process. I tell you how you can learn to stand firm in the face of madness, and how you can even profit off of the corporate greed and stupidity that drove the decision to fire Ms Carano in the first place. And I explain the importance of keeping your composure, building your own platforms, and seeking out your freedom, in order to minimise the damage that the Blue Checkmark Brigade can do to you in the process.

Protect Yourself From Big Tech

As I keep telling everyone with sense enough to listen, you MUST take steps to protect yourself from the Big Tech companies. Start here with this post. Here are the specific steps that you can take:

Build Your Platform

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  1. I’m highly ignorant with respect to modern tech. HIGHLY. I can (or could, at one time) make a DOS or UNIX machine do anything. But I lost interest with the rise of widnoz 95. However, is not the TOR network the equivalent of a VPN?
    And it’s free.

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