Christian Nationalism: A Joint Investigation!

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I saw a tweet from the AP that made me laugh.


I don’t generally read the AP, but I read this article just for the laughs. It’s basically a screed proclaiming that the things we support as Christians are BAD!

First of all, the term “Christian nationalism” is only mentioned four times in this 5,600+ word article. Aside from the general hilarity of it, there are a couple of sentences that are outright lies or misrepresentations, such as this one, “Christian nationalism seeks to merge the identity of Christians and Americans, so that to be a “true” American is to be Christian — and a certain type of Christian.”

No. I don’t think that is what Christian nationalism means.

To me, Christian nationalism is the idea that Christian Americans should run for political office on Christian and nationalist principles, and that we should govern and support policies that promote Christian morals and values and American interests. Seems pretty simple and straightforward to me. We should strive to ensure that America is a Christian nation, such that America supports Christian values as policy.

Obviously, that’s anathema to globohomocommiesantanists.

What are the Christian nationalist ideals that are so abhorrent?

  • No King but Jesus.
  • Marriage is between a man and woman.
  • Parents are responsible for the children.
  • The Ten Commandments
    • You shall have no other gods before Me.
    • You shall make no idols.
    • You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
    • Keep the Sabbath day holy.
    • Honor your father and your mother.
    • You shall not murder.
    • You shall not commit adultery.
    • You shall not steal.
    • You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
    • You shall not covet.
  • Oh, also no usury (which is a big problem for the banksters).

What are the American nationalist ideas that offend the leets?

  • Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • We should put American interests first in all policy.
  • Let foreigners fight their own wars.
  • We should spend tax dollars on Americans, not foreigners.
  • The State of Israel is not our ruler.

Americans across the political spectrum are waking up to the evil of the status quo. Praise God, and pass the ammunition.

American son of the Appalachian mountains. Happily married father of several and devoted man of God. Hold fast.


  1. Yes brother!

    Thank you for putting the No Usury (any interest on loans) in there!

    Usury and the destruction of the high paying, highly honored Trades are both part of the Talmudic infection that is hell bent on destroying Apostolic, Creedal, Trinitarian, Christianity!

    Talmudic Judaism is in Full Continuity with Ba’al and Molech worship, Christ Killers.

    Apostolic Trinitarian Christianity is in Full Continuity with the Old Testament Saints!!!

    And Usury is one of THE curses of our day.

    The Jewish Money Power (and Zionist Talmudic “evangelical Christianity”) is working hard.

    We need to work harder!

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