Prices Will Be Paid

August 25, 2023
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Editor’s note: The following article by Tom Shackleford is posted at Identity Dixie. Click here to read the entire article.

Prior to Trump’s 2016 campaign, I had little to no interest in politics from a conventional red vs blue voting perspective. The last election I’d ever bothered casting a ballot in was Bush’s first midterm. Trump rolled me back in because it seemed like an opportunity to get something unconventional out of the political process. By unconventional, I mean something other than mass migration, anti-white policies, sodomy, and endless warfare to establish global Zionist domination.

Clearly, things worked out quite the opposite on all counts. However, Trump poses some existential problems for a system that can’t address reality. In 2016, the establishment collectively deluded themselves into thinking that since he wasn’t like the conventional candidates, he was a joke with no chance.

They certainly didn’t make that mistake the second time around. He terrified the establishment by revealing the vast gap between what voters wanted and what it was acceptable for a politician to offer. It simply can’t tolerate having to tamp down and redirect these sentiments with every election cycle. That wouldn’t work anyways. The only option, therefore, was to shut Trump down by any means necessary.

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