“The World You Were Raised to Survive No Longer Exists”

May 24, 2024
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A thought struck me when I saw this image:

It’s amazing how generations are finding themselves in that same boat, all of us repeating our own version of “The Education of Henry Adams” in one or the other.
It’s one of the tools ClownWorld uses to keep things fake and gay, by constantly churning factoids and skillsets.
I see three ways of getting out of this on a personal level:

1. Adopt ZFG over it.
2. Eschew factoids in favor of learning methods.
3. Always spend some effort on building skills.

Concrete example:
Everything I’ve learned in my programming career about languages and environments and frameworks has all been rendered obsolete at some level.
What hasn’t has been are principles. Data structures and algorithms. Foundations of OOP vs how one language expresses those. Functional style. Database design, especially transactional SQL databases. Technologies that, while do change, have kept a stable core over the years.

Javascript land has been in constant churn for at least a decade now; whatever you learned 5 years ago is useless, 2 years is outdated, and last week is almost wrong already.
I suggest learning HTMX (www.htmx.org) instead because the guy behind it is having a blast and he focuses on the more fundamental aspects of HTML and Hypermedia.
HTMX will be HTMX in a week, next month, next year, etc. and what you can write today will work into the future. Good luck doing that with React.

The society for which we were prepared for doesn’t exist anymore. It’s never coming back. It can’t, those conditions no longer exist. But what does remain are the principles of Christianity, Civilization, and all things Good, Beautiful, and True.

We stumble. We fall. We get up again and again. We have to, because while that world doesn’t exist, we still do.

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