Dec. 20th, 2012

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Editor’s Note: Ian is offering up The Bilge Pump of a Turgid Mind, his first book of poetry, for free on Amazon. This offer is good until December 29, 2020. You can search for his posts here at MOTW, for examples of his poetry (in addition to his poem here). Do yourself a favor and get your free copy of his book. You can also purchase (if you choose to do so) his other books at Amazon. They are all really good.

Ian McLeod

Boreas, Zephyrus,
Eurus, and Notus
are banging on
the window
like legion
hyperactive children
trying for attention.
The old gods
pine for sacrifices.

Ian McLeod is an author and entrepreneur from the humid depths of Dixie. His books include the pop-satire DARWINVERSE series, and three books of poetry--BILGE PUMP OF A TURGID MIND, VALVE COVER GASKET OF THE ENGINE OF DESPAIR, and LAUNCH EVERYTHING; LET GOD SORT IT OUT

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