How do we save Western Civilization?

How do we save the World?

You save Western Civilization… and therefore the world… by saving your own local community.   There is an old saying that the Local Church is the Hope of the World.   This is the absolute truth.   And its time for our politics to reflect that same ethic.

Liberal Elites live in isolated bubbles.  They have their degrees and their oh-so-fantastic sandwich shops.  That’s what they think America is.   They are blind to the poverty.  They are blind to the problems and plights of the average American.   They are out of touch and clueless.

That is why Donald Trump won… and that is also why they still can’t understand how he won.

Donald Trump won because Donald Trump stood up and said that it’s time someone took the time to help Americans.  He won because he spoke about the problems everyday Americans face.  Problems that Democrats can’t even fathom.  Here in my own home town, we have kids going hungry.   They dread summer vacation because the meals they get at school are the only meals they get.

In our high schools we have kids… middle class white kids… we’re not talking about minorities here… being raised by their grandparents because their mom and dad are both dead or both in jail.  Or maybe their mom is in jail, and well.. they have no idea who their dad actually is.  I’ve never seen so many kids being raised by someone other than a biological parent.

Donald Trump spoke to them.

Hillary Clinton lectured them about their white privilege.

You know what terrifies the liberal elite?   A nationalism that focuses on real local American problems.  They fear a nationalism that understands how hard it is for the average white kid to actually get into those big nice state schools.   Oh I know… you think it’s easy.  You see enrollment up, and you conclude its not a problem.  Well you’re wrong.  See big state schools they have tons of admission slots that are completely off-limits to American kids.

We’re filling up our STEM programs with foreign kids while American kids languish.   It’s time to change that.  It’s time to look after our own first.  It’s time to put some teeth behind the phrase “No child left behind.”   And while we’re at it… let’s change it to No American Child Left Behind.   Because if we don’t there will be a permanent underclass made up of natural born American citizens.   If we don’t the middle class will continue to dwindle until there is nothing left but something like what you see in modern India.  You will see a ruling class of highly educated elite governing a nation of poor dregs.

We have hungry kids right here in America.  So why are you sending money to Haiti?

Why are you building houses in Guatemala, when there are elderly Americans living on our streets?

I can’t solve all the problems in the world.   I can’t feed all those hungry kids in Haiti.   But I can feed some kids right here in my hometown.   I can help get policies passed that will help these kids right in my local community.   And that is our challenge to you.   You want to save Western Civilization?

Save your neighborhood first.

Even in the Deep South, we run into kids who have not heard the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Two years ago, I was teaching at VBS in my church, and I ended up telling a teenager about the Golden Rule.  It was the first time she’d ever heard it.  Can you imagine?   Now she is a baptized believer.  And every scripture she is exposed to… its like the first time she’s read it.  She’s a sponge.

She’s not the only one.   Americans have abandoned the Church.   We have generations of unchurched.  Its time to bring them home.

So you may think I am covering a lot of un-related topics in this one piece, but I’m really not.   This is all the same thing.  All of this is related.   The nationalistic spark is just one part of the Great Awakening that we are seeing all around the United States.  People know in their core that something is off.  Something is wrong, and they are looking for what is Right.

Well it’s time for us to show them.  Buy American.  Hire American.  Buy local.  Hire local.

You want to sell nationalism?   This is how you do it.   You talk about the problems of real people on the ground.  You talk about solving those problems Americans face.  You talk about putting our own kids first.  That is a Nationalism moderate Americans can get behind.  That’s a nationalism that even many liberal Americans can get behind.

And it is the Nationalism that will grind the globalist elites to dust.


Somebody give me an amen.