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Doing our best is a wonderful thing.  Every second of the day remember to do your best and let God work out all the results.

With Holy Week upon us (tomorrow is Maundy Thursday) I am reminded of how Jesus did His best work this week for us, and simply left the details up to his Father.  He prayed that God would give him an easier road if possible, but that if it was not possible then He said the Father’s Will not mine (His).  He (perfectly)”did his best and let the Father work out the details”

Tolkien knows this thought also when Gandalf tells Frodo that it’s not ours to choose what time we were born in, but we are to make the best of the time given to us (by the Father/Yahweh/Illuvatar).  

We cannot be lazy in the minute by minute or just “go through the motions” and except exceptional Men of the West lives to be the end result.

We must do our best in the moment and then the exceptional things will just happen (thank you Logos/Word/Christ).
Keep our focus on the minute and the hour, be diligent, be polite, never apologize for something righteous, get on your knees and beg for forgiveness from your sin.  Do not care one tiny bit about the opinions of priests and priestesses of Ba’al (for that is what these Aborting, Sodomizing, Jewish Fable indoctrinated Zionists do are).  Speak simple Truth passionately and fully.

Again repent when you’re wrong, have the courage to apologize to your boss or wife or kids if you have been lazy or unfaithful, and have the courage to not apologize for saying murdering children is disgusting, and sodomizing children should be death by stoning.

If you are getting paid by someone else for your time then be ravenously diligent.  If you are playing with your kids then play hard and smile big and laugh for YOU are their physician at the moment- Laughter IS the best medicine!  And when you are exhausted sleep, get out your hammock in the back yard, sleep under your tree, ornext to the fire place.  Make love to your wife with a fire and a passion that bears fruit when God wills it, but that is always Fruitful!
And WHEN, not if, you don’t do your best then say the Lord’s Prayer, which causes you to repent and forgive others, and causes you to remember that your life and savings 30 years from not the issue.  The issue is your Daily Bread, your daily diligence.  And yes, stay out of the Jewish Fable (using Book of Concord Lutheran terms here) lie of Usury (any interest on a loan), get back to a biblical cosmological view of the creation (find out for yourself what that is, but for God sake teust the Scriptures, the Fathers, and your own senses), and simply live!  Do some power-cleans or some push-ups, chug a glass of water then a shot of something that burns, say the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostles Creed (and then the Nicene and Athanasian Creeds also)!

My kids I coach in football and basketball are never required to stress about the winning or losing of the game, only about doing their best in the moment that Coach has them in the game.  Let the Father be your Coach and allow him to “sub you in and out” of the Battle as He sees fit.

When you are subbed out rest hard and fervently cheer on your teammates, when you’re subbed in work your butt off and do your best, do your best, do your best!

May the road rise up to meet you,May the wind be always at your back,May the sun shine warm upon your face,May the rain fall softly on your fields,And until we meet again,May God hold you in the palm if His hand!

Darrel Sipes is a Husband to a biblical wife, Father of five strong sons and two beautiful daughters, a Carpenter and a Christian, as well as a Bread-winner.

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