Elites Play, We Pay

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I paid $1.349 a gallon for gasoline in May 2020 and filled up my tank for $15.20. Two days ago, I paid $3.409 a gallon and filled up my tank for $38.26. Fuck Joe Biden, amirite?

Joe is but one small part of the problem. He’s a little cog in the elite machine that views normal people as pawns in their grand game of global power. It may be 2022, but modern kings and aristocrats are still buying armies, sending them to war, and taxing the peasants to pay for it all.

We all know who they are.

  • Klaus Schwab
  • George Soros
  • Joe Biden
  • Justin Trudeau
  • Bill Gates
  • Jeff Bezos
  • The Rothschilds
  • The Sacklers
  • The Clintons
  • The Bushes

And so on and so forth. You know the names.

In related news, “OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma reached a settlement Thursday over its role in the nation’s deadly opioid crisis that includes virtually all U.S. states and thousands of local governments, with the Sackler family members who own the company boosting their cash contribution to as much as $6 billion.”

WHOA! SIX BILLION DOLLARS! I mean, that might be impressive if the Sacklers weren’t worth $11 Billion. Oh, and they have to apologize, so there’s that. Apologize, give up $6 billion, keep $5 BILLION and go on living their lives. That’s fair right? Who cares about all the hillbilly deaths? Peasants are pawns.

Corporations are like government emergency powers. If put in the right hands and used for the right purpose, they can do a lot of good. But, the tragedy is that no human has the right hands. No person can wield the ring of power. They will always become corrupt.

We need to kill the corporation as a legal entity. We need to remove emergency powers from all governments. We need to decentralize power.

We also need to unplug and stop playing the game. I’m fairly certain that we’ve done it before and we just don’t remember. We can do it again.

What has been is what will be,
and what has been done is what will be done,
and there is nothing new under the sun.
Is there a thing of which it is said,
“See, this is new”?
It has been already
in the ages before us.
There is no remembrance of former things,
nor will there be any remembrance
of later things yet to be
among those who come after.

Ecclesiastes 1

American son of the Appalachian mountains. Happily married father of several and devoted man of God. Hold fast.


  1. I don’t even blame Senile Joe. He is no more than a marionette, dancing to the pulled strings, reading (or attempting to read) a script. When it all goes to $hit he will be cut loose and sacrificed while the next puppet is ushered onto the stage.
    Biden literally doesn’t know who he is or where he is or what day of the week it is.
    We would do well to remember that when the time comes

    • That’s why I love South Dakota, almost every station has Ethanol free option. And I always get ethanol free gas! I had no opportunity for that when I used to live in CA

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