Global American Empire Getting Woke, Going Broke

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Editor’s Note: Laramie originally posted at his site.

If you’re anchored in the currents of mainstream internet news—or, Lord help you, mainstream cable—then you’ve been steeped in a dark, murky tea of pro-Ukrainian War propaganda.  And such people, having learned nothing from two years under sanitary dictatorship, have once more been washed over by a narrative that neither aligns with facts nor their own interests.  The entire Western mainstream world is screaming: “SUPPORT THE UKRAINE!”  Including Ukraine’s main benefactor:

It is important that both the transatlantic alliance (the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom) but also other nations do whatever is in their power to support Ukraine in its time of existential threat.

George Soros, Twitter, February 26, 2022

From coast to coast, Americans are stirring up conversations about how much they despise President Putin, publicly signaling, patting one another on the back, and affirming themselves.  So many are on the same page on this issue.

How is this so?  Because propaganda is power. 

Going Woke

Disinformation is dialed up to eleven, and everyone is falling for it.  Mentioning that Washington reneged on its promises, that NATO expanded eastward in spite of multiple assurances to Russia, mentioning that Ukraine is Soros’ pet project, that the Ukrainian puppet government has ignored the Minsk Accords and has been shelling the Donbas for eight years straight—these things are hatefacts.  Publicly acknowledge that the Ukrainian Azov Battalion is comprised of actual, literal Neo-Nazis who wave Hitler’s swastika, that these radicals have burned Russian Ukrainians alive, sniped them dead in the streets, and relentlessly terrorized these Eastern Ukrainians for a decade—mention this, and you are guilty of wrongthink.  Bring up the fact that Washington’s lobbyists have so much to gain if they cut off Russia’s oil sales to Europe, that green-energy fanatics have waited for this moment with bated breath for years, that US natural gas companies have sought to make Europe their new customer, and that the US Fed can stop worrying about interest rate hikes—and people’s eyes glaze over, and they’ll tune you out.

Ukrainian shelling of the Donbas intensified once their man, Biden, stole The White House.  Opposition media in Ukraine was forcibly shut down.  Journalists killed.  “And?  Who cares?”

Western oligarchs have made quite sure that there is nothing but wall-to-wall anti-Russian coverage.  Every single step of the way, every outlet—every expression of this issue—is designed to agitate and provoke the bloodiest outcome possible.  When the Lockdown Left had the world under its heel during their sanitary dictatorship, you had new forms of bigotry against anyone who questioned the COVID narrative.  Now that that’s over with, race-based bigotry has returned, and Westerners have full permission to hate Russians with every fiber of their being.  So much of this hysteria is media-driven, and if the oligarchs can bring about World War III to get us to their sick hunger-games dystopian future, they will do it.

All spectra of the media is covering this issue one, single, way—from CNN to Fox News.  There is no mainstream, objective discussions on the matter.  None whatsoever.  It doesn’t matter that you have World Economic Forum types, and even satanist Marina Abramović, publicly standing against Russia for its “Christian fundamentalism.  People will not wake from this spell.

Lies, deceit, backpedaling on promises, a thirst for subverting any semblance of nationalism or the old Christian world, and a drive to spread a Western culture of sodomy across every international border—this is the aim of the Global America Empire.  Or, as The Z Man appropriately calls it, the GAE.

Going Broke

In the few pockets of objective thought that are out there, it’s said that the GAE is actually panicking.  Covid was an accident, it seems, perhaps unintentionally released early.  And as for this current Ukrainian situation, Russia is not behaving the way they’d hope.  

When the GAE goes to war in a place like, say, Iraq, they bomb everything with their airpower, destroying entire communities and killing 30,000 people in a short amount of time.  But Russia’s long patience with Ukraine, its careful targeting (military installations, our bio labs, and airports), as well as its encirclement of the Ukrainian forces—all of these actions are contrary to what the GAE had hoped for.  Zelensky the Comedian, in contrast, appears to be doing every single thing he can to put as many civilians in harm’s way as possible.  He is a puppet of the GAE, and the GAE has a narrative to build.  But Russia is not taking such bait.

Furthermore, Russia and China have built a strong relationship, as both powers have rejected the sodomitical globalization aims of the GAE.  Both have been delegated as the world’s pariahs.  They are ostracized and seen as “the other.”  Perhaps Russia is being kicked off SWIFT, but that will only drive them further into the arms of China and their collaborative replacement, CIPS.  Such a new system might even attract other countries who disagree with the West’s current anti-Russian gaslighting project.  And so, the unipolar paradigm of the GAE will soon be shattered and replaced once more with a multi-polar world of global powers.

What’s worse for the Globohomo West, China, emboldened by Russia’s long-awaited reaction, may soon make its move to take Taiwan.  Washington will likely betray Taiwan just like it has everyone else, refusing to come to their military aid.  And should the GAE seek to harm China in any way whatsoever—even through slander—the next step for China will be for them to drop the petrodollar.  Once US currency is abandoned by the new Kings of the East, inflation will skyrocket, and American influence will be neutralized once and for all.

American diplomacy means nothing.  The United States is not a credible world power.  A creator of color revolutions—with its own president a puppet—this, once, great empire will be put on the defensive.  As it stands, the only adults in the room are those in the East, as well as any other countries willing to question the American narrative.  As for the West, it continues to order itself from one brief news cycle to the next, short-sighted, and guided by a monomania of leftist green-energy fantasies and sodomy.

Does the GAE want World War III?  Absolutely.  They want a global reset.  But while Western oligarchs, perhaps, are driven by some sort of strange fantasy that they will be the new masters in the still-warm ruins of a shattered world, the truth is that they have reached the limits of their power, as we shall all see in the coming months and next few years.  In truth, they are bankrupt. Meanwhile, the East is cashing out its winnings.

Perhaps the West thought that it could cancel the East. That is not how it is going at all. The East will now cancel the West.

And while Russia, China—and any other nations who have escaped the gaslighting—form into post-globalist civilization states, the post industrial West, especially the United States, will be left a ruin.


  1. The Global reset is indeed coming, but it I suspect it will not end well for the Deep State Globalist Cabal. My only hope is that this will occur without another World War.

  2. Excellent article sir. You put so many things on paper that need to be spoken boldly!

    The GlobalHomo West- accurate
    Russia is Nationalistic Old World Christianity- accurate.

    The Russian Orthodox Church (Patriarchal with no apologies- God bless them) is maybe the only Christian Church speaking out against wicked Usury (ANY interest on a loan) as a grave sin, and speaking out against the Global Homo New World Order you mention…

    God bless you sir!

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