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May 5, 2021
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Who is Really Behind Free Meds for Covid-19?

Editor’s Note: A new friend, Gustavus Adolphus, has share this with us, and we thought it worthy to post here.

In 1619, during a bubonic plague outbreak in Paris, France, figures dressed in black robes and wearing exotic “beaked” face coverings were seen scurrying from house to house. These were the plague doctors, hired by cities to treat those who could not afford to pay, and once again their fantasy culture is on the rise. These enigmatic historical figures spark fear in some, but largely remain a mystery.

Meanwhile, it is no mere coincidence that from 1614 to 1617 the Rosicrucian Order was making waves in Germany. Rosicrucians believed in a “universal reformation of mankind” and derived these beliefs from a collection of esoteric traditions, not the least notable or prominent of which is Kabbalah. Kabbalah is, for the uninitiated, Jewish Occultism, but is considered Orthodox Judaism in modern religion.The Rosicrusians sought to bring about their universal reformation through medicine. Let’s pause for a moment to note that modern technology companies have shown us that  when something is free, you are the product. This should not be forgotten when considering a primary tradition of Rosicrucians was free medical care to the sick.

            Fast forward to the mid-nineteenth century. By this time, Rosicrucian tradition was not forgotten, but as with any successful secret society, those practicing it were not public. In Germany, Helena Blavatsky, a Russian Occultist Jew, founded the Theosophical society. This would directly inspire the Völkisch movement that pushed the Third Reich into power, as well as the Thule Society which founded the Nazi Party in Germany. This society was built on many esoteric traditions, but also included Rosicrucianism.

            As the Völkisch movement in Germany rose in influence, so too did these occult traditions permeate the upper class academic societies. Hitler’s secret police, the SS, for example, used well-known occult rituals regularly in their gatherings. The Quedlinburg Cathedral was converted into an occult sanctuary to the God Wotan. Then, heinous rituals were conducted to contact the dead for guidance, one of them being Heinrich the Fowler, an ancient Francian king. This is not to be overlooked, because demons take many forms, and it was the head of the SS who implemented the Final Solution.

Hitler himself believed heavily in the occult, and those beliefs drove, among other things, his vegetarianism. At this point, you might be asking what all this has to do with plague doctors and Rosicrucians?

            Typhus broke out during World War II when Jews were gathered into ghettos and forced to live sequestered in overcrowded spaces. This proliferated rats and vermin which spread the disease. Likewise, Jewish slave labor drove the Nazi war machine, and the Jewish slaves lived in the same fetid conditions in concentration camps. Those camps were also infested with disease and caused the deaths of tens of thousands of slaves.

            It is well known that Hitler was of Jewish heritage. Lesser known is that the Nazis, as many occultists before them, believed that suffering allowed an individual, order, or even a nation to obtain supernatural abilities. It is not far-fetched to surmise that their Jewish slaves, were a human sacrifice to obtain those abilities.  This is of particular interest when noting the word “Holocaust” is an ancient Greek word that means “burnt offering.”

            Two years after the typhus outbreaks began, a vaccine was available and distributed to the general population in 1943.  This parallels modern day, when the media insisted with gusto that a vaccine for Covid-19 would not be available for at least two years.  Then as now, it was created much sooner.

            As the Neo-Liberal order, created on the foundation of the typhus outbreak and re-framing of its narrative, crumbles around us, we again find ourselves surrounded by occultists in our government and an epidemic-spurred power-grab. The current US administration includes figures who have participated in the Bohemian Grove, which ties to the Rosicrucians through the Hermetic Order Of The GOlden Dawn. Other modern political families have ties to secret societies, such as the Bush’s and the Skull and Bones society; branches of the same forsaken tree.

              German engineer Klaus Schwab is the transhumanist behind the monstrosity that is the Great Reset. Transhumanism is the idea that mankind can overcome its own humanity and ascend to eternal life through technology and cooperation. What is accused of being conspiracy theory has its own apologist website arguing for its necessity. Former Congressman Ron Paul commented on the Great Reset saying, “Included in Schwab’s proposal for surveillance [of every citizen] is his idea to use brain scans and nanotechnology to predict, and if necessary, prevent, individuals’ future behavior . This means that anyone whose brain is ‘scanned’ could have his . . .  rights violated because a government bureaucrat determines the individual is going to commit a crime.”  Where does this leave the people who control the technology, and the people who do not?

            If we have learned anything from the free technology companies and their actions—from selling personal information, to controlling elections and narratives—let it be this: If someone is offering you free medical care, who believes in a “universal reformation of mankind” and that suffering gives superpowers to people, be suspicious. Assume they are in control of not only the treatment, but the disease.


  1. Very good!

    I’ve long told my boys that those who push Population Control (murder) should not be trusted when they promise medicine to “prevent Population from being Controlled…”

    Cause the problem yourself, then sell an even worse “solution” as if you’re helping them.

    Thanks for the article.

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