The Unpersoning

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A modern phenomena this crowd will be familiar with is Cancel Culture. This is when a bunch of SJWs group up and are guided by their ideological masters to destroy a target. This can be a company, community, or even specific person.

Unpersoning refers to the last of these targets- where a person is effectively wiped clean from the slate of normal living for having gone against the cultural zeitgeist. Their ability to post on platforms are removed, their email accounts are suspended, online payment abilities revoked, banking privileges stripped, and arguably most terrifying- their names are never ever spoken aloud.

If you are the recipient of this, congratulations! You have found a truth that the rulers of the West do not want you to notice. Good on you. But also, good luck. This is hard, and people who are still within normal society can not imagine the level of anxiety and panic onset by these events.

The purpose of this article is to give some observations from someone who is somewhat disconnected from normal human interactions in the hope this can help people who are still dialed in to the Beast’s system to better equip themselves from the demons who try and unperson them.

Community is king. Physical, in person, reality. Get tribal. Crypto currencies might be a fun project while the grid is still up. But those shilling for it should know the corrected addendum to the famous phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword in times of peace”. We are in a time of war, so now is the time to know if your physical neighbor is actually your biblical neighbor. Will he have your back if the mob comes for you?

Supply chain is queen. If your ability to pay for online food orders to your house, or your credit card is no longer accepted at the grocery store, or your job was just lost, how are you getting the stuff you need to survive?

Communication is key. Use the internet and modern tools to locate and build up your community, and then build robust systems that do not rely on it. Support those who have built these systems that do not unperson people. This is also incredibly important for when new, reliable information is vital to the campaign or to keeping your tribe aware.

Some other concepts to keep in mind to navigate these times:

  • Speak the truth
  • Do not live a lie
  • Get/stay married and have lots of kids
  • Wean yourself off the system in meaningful, substantial steps. If you have a family highly dependent on your income, it might not be the best strategy to quit cold turkey without a backup plan
  • Fix your diet and conditioning. From an old Greek warrior saying, “Sweat more during peacetime to bleed less during wartime.”
  • Know your role in the hierarchy and fulfill it

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