“He Does Not Have a Prayer”

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Editor’s note: The following remarks on Democrat Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s campaign were posted, in a private discussion forum, by Moira Greyland, author of The Last Closet. They are reposted here with the author’s permission.

….Besides, he [Pete Buttigieg] does not have a prayer. If he pulls into the lead, he will end up in the rear. Why? Several reasons.

1. Only 4% of male gay “married” couples are “faithful” to each other. That means the likelihood of multiple partners talking, and talking, and talking is astronomical.

2. There is no possibility of Middle Eastern diplomacy with a “leader” they will see as having less moral standing than a prostitute. They will see an adult bacha bazi who never grew into having a family, and remained the plaything of another man.

3. No matter who accuses whom of being what, at the gut-level, he comes across as childlike, and Trump will not even have to come at him with ferocity to knock him across the room.

4. I don’t know who or what has propped up his campaign, but his own city of South Bend shows too much mismanagement to indicate he has the leadership to accomplish anything.

5. And most importantly, what people know and cannot say is that homosexuality is the result of a series of emotional and physical injuries which trap one at the mental age of 10-12 at best, and no preteen can stand up to an adult. Even if he has Soros standing behind him, there is no way he can be puppet-mastered through the entire campaign. He lacks Obama’s slick charm, and he will be caught without his earpiece, and that will end him as a candidate.

The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon

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  1. Only 4% of male gay “married” couples are “faithful” to each other. That means the likelihood of multiple partners talking, and talking, and talking is astronomical.

    irrelevant. it was an open secret in DC that “Republican” Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was a faggot living openly with his ‘chief of staff’ and also that he was prone to taking child prostitution junkets, as detailed by Mark Steyn. after Hastert’s conviction, of course.

    it matters not how many boytoys talk nor what they say, if the establishment media refuses to report it.

    does anyone doubt that Hastert used Barney Frank’s child prostitution ring? does anyone wonder why Barney’s and Epstein’s client lists are sealed and not reported on?

    He lacks Obama’s slick charm

    uh, Moira is aware that there’s pretty good evidence that Barry Soetoro was on the down-low, isn’t she?

    i would agree that Butthesgay is extremely unlikely to best Trump in a debate. between that and black / hispanic distaste for queers, it’s practically impossible for him to win a national election.

    that wouldn’t stop the DNC from cheating the primary for him though.

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