Holding Back the Tide

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Editor’s Note: Our buddy,  Harbin, shares another good observation and history lesson.
King Cnute the Great (or Canute, or Kanut, Canut, or…. [insert phonetic transliterations here]) was a king of England (and Denmark – things were a little different in those days) from 1016 to1035. According to legend, at one point he took his throne to the shore, sat down, and commanded the tide to halt and not wet his feet or robes. When the sea, quite within reasonable expectation, wet his feet, the king jumped up from his throne and backed away from the advancing waters. Assuming the event really did take place as described (debatable, and debated), why on God’s green Earth would he do that?
According to one side, it obviously displayed the overwhelming arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity of the king. You’d be an utter fool to be a supporter of such a delusional megalomaniac, a man who thinks he can command the waves, and is shocked to discover he cannot.
According to the other side, it displayed his humility before the laws of God. He knew the tide would not halt, and he only commended men by the laws of man. He was making a show of it for his courtiers to demonstrate that while he may have the divine right to rule his fellow humans, he didn’t command nature, and God Laws had the final word on all things in the natural world. Reportedly he hung his crown on a crucifix afterword to signify his ongoing obedience to God.
Same event, identical “photo-op,” two entirely opposing interpretations and understandings.
Now things about modern news coverage of any controversial subject or person.
“Trump endangers thousands with massive fire-code violations at bizarre campaign rally! Encourages dangerous interstate travel and global climate catastrophe! Additional pollution and overcrowding at event was demonstrated, even flaunted!”
“Trump rally overflow enthusiastically watch Jumbotron outside arena as fire marshal limits record entry to event that drew supporters from the tri-state area. It was a massive and upbeat tailgate party with many BBQs and impromptu family gatherings outside, and an excited standing-room only crowd inside.”
The God Emperor commands the sea to halt its advance.


  1. What a timely reference. I’m looking forward to owning Greenland! The USA is currently the 3rd most populous country in the world, and has more foreign-born than any other nation. We need the space.

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