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We live in a fallen world filled with evil men. Evil men prey on the innocent and the weak. We are all aware of the great evil committed by one such man this past weekend in Texas. Men, women, and children slaughtered like sheep in the sanctuary of a country church in rural Texas. They gathered to worship, to pray, and to fellowship with each other. This sacred place, where heaven and earth meet each Sunday morning, was transformed into hell on earth by one evil man.
When confronted with such evil, there is only one response: action. Men of the West face evil and defeat it. The blood of the innocent cried out for justice, and justice came in the form of two brave men, Stephen Willeford and Johnnie Langendorff. They took up arms against the evil that had come to their community and drove it away. They did what is required of every man–they defended those that could not defend themselves, they met evil with action, and they were an instrument of justice.
These men are heroes, and they should be honored. The Men Of The West have petitioned the government to honor both men with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. From the petition:
Stephen Willeford and Johnnie Langendorff, under direct threat to their own safety, engaged and stopped the murderer Devin Kelley during his attack on the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas. Willeford shot the killer before getting into Langendorff’s pickup, and the two chased the attacker until forcing him off the road. Because of their actions, Kelley’s terror was stopped, and countless lives were saved. For this reason, Willeford and Langendorff should be honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for exhibiting meritorious service in the security of American Citizens. Their actions were heroic, and they should be honored.
Join us in honoring these heroes because they are worthy of our honor. Pray for the souls taken from this earth, and pray that others will have the courage to act in the face of evil and follow the example of Stephen Willeford and Johnnie Langendorff.
Here is the link to the petition.
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