Friday Music: One Hour Of French Revolutionary Music

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Editor’s Note: While Americans like to joke about French weakness, the reality is that they have been an important part of Western Culture for over 1000 years. It was Charles Martel, a Frank, who stopped the Muslims at Poiters, for goodness sake. So in that spirit, we offer a full hour of French Revolutionary Music.

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  1. This joke about French weakness comes from the sudden collapse of France in 1940. This is very unfair. As John Keegan has tirelessly pointed out France was basically an agricultural society which had its industrial base occupied. The French suffered such horrendous casualties that everyone suffered from post traumatic stress. Worse the war aggravated the already stagnant population growth.
    France was traumatized and so the defeat was deeply tragic because it needed at least 2 generations to heal and grow again.

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