I Survived the COVID-19

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My family got the Rona. We all survived.

Thank the Lord, I have been able to work during the lockdown. I’ve been working, and going into stores, and eating out since this bullshit started. When restaurants closed, I used drive-thrus. When inside dining opened back up, I went in and dined.

Several weeks ago, I got sick. It felt like a head cold, like a regular cold I’ve had before. I felt crappy, my head was stuffed up. I stayed home from work, and I laid in bed and rested for about a week or so. Four of those days were on weekends, so I only used four days of sick time. When I felt better, I went back to work. I didn’t have any trouble breathing, or chest pains, or even a fever.

Then my children got sick. They had fevers, and felt bad. My oldest got better in about a day. My youngest didn’t even get sick. One of my children has some mild asthma. He was having some minor breathing issues, so I took him to have his lungs checked out. The doctor said they sounded a little tight. She gave him some steroids to help his breathing. He tested positive for the Rona. He got better in a few days. I thank God every day for healthy children.

When my kids tested positive, my boss insisted that I get tested. I did. My test came back negative. If I had had COVID, and I probably did, then the virus was already gone.

My wife got sick after the kids. She felt bad for about two weeks. She had some mild breathing problems, so she went to the doctor to get some meds. She tested positive, too. COVID hit her a bit harder than me. The doctor gave her steroids to help her breathe easier. That’s what docs give to help breathing issues. Steroids helps all kinds of things; they’re magic. I wouldn’t mind having some extra packs.

I take a mutli-vitamin, fish oil, and vitamin D daily. I think that’s the main reason the COVID wasn’t as bad for me. My wife used to take vitamins, but had gotten out of the habit. She ordered some vitamins and vitamin D when she got sick. Smart girl.

Aside from my family, my neighbors over a ways got COVID and survived. A high school friend got it and survived. I know one person connected to my family via some extended relations who got the Rona and died from pneumonia.

That’s my COVID story. If you’re healthy, aren’t vitamin D deficient, and under 75, the Rona isn’t going to kill you. Well, I guess it could, but it’s extremely unlikely. You’re more likely to die from a car crash or an accident than the Rona.

You’ve most likely survived the Rona already. If you haven’t, then stop being fat, start taking a good multi-vitamin and vitamin D supplement, and start lifting something. If you don’t know anything about diet, exercise, and supplements, then find a good functional medicine doctor in your area and visit him.

The cost of fear isn’t worth the price we’ve paid (and continue to pay).

Have courage, live life.

American son of the Appalachian mountains. Happily married father of several and devoted man of God. Hold fast.


  1. Indeed. We who fear the Almighty and have persevered through times of tribulation before will endure this too.

  2. It’s wise to get vitamin D3 in particular, it’s superior to the vitamin D2 some vegans take. Coconut oil contains lauric acid which has antiviral properties, according to Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions.

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