Khazars, Commmunists, and These United States, Part 4

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Israeli influence in these united States, legal and illegal, is immense and has been well covered. Some observers say it amounts to control. At the top of that influence is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which of course is legal, except that a couple of its officials await trial for a species of espionage.

Larry Franklin, an Air Force Reserve Colonel with a Top Secret clearance, was convicted and sentenced to thirteen years in prison for passing information to them that wound up in Jerusalem. Jonathan Pollard, in prison for many years, spied on us in Israel’s behalf. There are many others.

There is no need to belabor all this. By now it is clear that Israel – which, remember, is a foreign nation with its own foreign policy – does exert enormous, unseemly influence on our country, including espionage. Perspective is lacking because the obverse side of this possibly fatal relationship receives little attention: the possibility that Washington actually controls Israel.

Israel receives more U.S. foreign aid than any other country. An article by David R. Francis in the Christian Science Monitorsays that, since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. Francis says that, if divided by today’s population, that is more than $5,700 per person. Paraphrasing the late, great Everett McKinley Dirksen

Sen. Everett Dirksen

of Illinois, a trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

By now, everyone understands that whatever the U.S. government finances, it controls. In Wickard v. Filburn (317 U.S. 111, 1942), the Supreme Court ruled that it must. And that is good, because if the government could not control what it finances, there would be financial anarchy; appropriations without accountability. So, we should be extremely cautious about what we let the government finance.

We see evidence of such control in every country Washington finances. The more money a country gets, the more Washington expects it to collaborate. Would it make sense to assume that Washington would not exercise decisive influence and control in the country to which we give the most money? Is there any evidence of such control?

There are many examples of Israel deferring to the United States, changing its policy against its own interests, because that was what Washington wanted. For instance, Washington helped create Israel in 1948. In 1956, Eisenhower forced the British, French and Israelis to give up their invasion of Suez. Had they continued, they could have overthrown Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Egyptian ruler.

In 1982, the Israelis cornered Yassir Arafat and his PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization), in Beirut. This monster was a lifelong agent in the pay of the Soviet Union. Of course, he was also a predatory sodomite who routinely victimized little boys and he routinely terrorized the people of Israel. Had the Israelis just been left alone, they could have exterminated the monster and saved many lives. He could not escape; his back was to the sea.

But Ronald Reagan sent the U.S. Marines to rescue him. What? Yes. Reagan sent eight hundred Marines to protect Arafat and evacuate him to Tunis. He lived and killed and sodomized for many more years. For more about the story, you could read my book, The Actor: The True Story of John Foster Dulles. Send $10 (including shipping) to P.O. Box 580503, Houston, Texas, 77258.

Bush ordered Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to stop his rampage in Jenin, the Palestinian Refugee Camp. He stopped. Condoleezza Rice forced the Israelis to postpone the bombing of a possible nuclear facility in Syria. The Israelis believed that their national interest required quick action, but they stood down.

These are just a few of endless examples. American influence has reduced triumphant Israel to a trembling Council on Foreign Relations hulk, pleading to surrender territory it won in war. That is certainly one reason Israeli people are so restive. Many realize they are being betrayed.

In case after case, it becomes obvious that Israel – like so many other countries – would fare much better without American “help.” That argument could throw a sizeable monkey wrench into the constant demands of Israeli “apologists” for more, more “foreign aid,” etc. Remember also that while Israel is the biggest recipient of U.S. foreign “aid,” the enemies of Israel together – including Saudi Arabia and Egypt, etc. – receive as much and maybe more. Those are the facts. Now speculate with me.

Is it possible that the United States is not so much a tool of tiny Israel, but that, on the contrary, Israel is much more a paid for tool of the United States? Is it possible that Washington wants Israel where it is to act as an American base, as an agent provocateur, as a traditional thesis in the Marxist dialectical process, participating in the turmoil Washington always requires.

Is it possible that the conspiracy for world government, headquartered in Washington and New York, could let tiny Israel be eliminated whenever it likes, like a gnat, but that it encourages and perpetuates the notion of Israeli control of these united States, to conceal or at least confuse the real situation in the Middle East? Remember that “Israeli control” of our country feeds the “Jewish conspiracy,” which neatly diverts attention from the conspiracy for world government.

But what about the U.S.S. Liberty? Didn’t Israel spit in our eye?Is it possible that Israel on its own would dare to attack a U.S. Navy vessel with napalm and torpedoes and machine gun survivors in the water, a war crime, risking rejection or worse by its main benefactor? Yes, it is possible.

I believe it is much more possible that the Israeli attack on the Liberty was another attempted false flag incident, designed to trick the United States into the war. The Liberty would sink, Lyndon Johnson, the Pedernales Sidewinder, would blame Egypt, an indignant Washington, would scream, “Remember the Liberty,” and the 101st Airborne would bring death from the sky.


What? You expect us to believe that Washington would kill Americans? Yes, that is exactly what I expect you to believe. Washington killed many more Americans on the Lusitania to trick us into World War I. Washington killed almost three thousand Americans to trick us into World War II, after which it abandoned about 25,000 Americans to Stalin.

Washington killed Americans in Korea and Vietnam and abandoned hundreds more. Washington certainly is an accessory, before or after the fact, to another almost three thousand killings on Nine Eleven. Had the Liberty gone down according to plan, “only” another 297 would have been lost, a “measly” number when you are talking world government. Yes, it is easy to believe that Washington planned the whole thing in concert with Jerusalem. The problem was, the Liberty refused to sink.

What can be done? Here is one of many messages I have received since launching this series: “good article BUT for your information you are a little late. israel owns/controls america … lock, stock and barrel. all 2008 presidential candidates are jewish … ALL of them … yes, including obama. ALL presidents since roosevelt have been jewish ALL of them. FACT. always look for the mother jew and you will find the hidden conspiracy … ‘through deception and deceit’.

“bush is jewish. cheney is jewish. rice is jewish. powell is jewish. all cabinet members are jewish. joint chiefs of staff are jewish. half of congress is jewish. all of media is jewish owned/controlled. hollywood is jewish owned/controlled. most actors are jewish. federal reserve is jewish owned/controlled. wall street is jewish owned-controlled. supreme court justices are jewish owned/controlled. half of federal judges are jewish. most corporations are jewish owned/controlled by directorship or stock.
many states are jewish controlled through governorship/attorney general … and local law enforcement. more than half of all law firms/lawyers are jewish.

“NEVER TRUST JEWS … period.”

Wow! This would mean that Truman, Jimbo Carter, Reagan and Jorge W. Boosh are Jewish. Who could have guessed? McCain is Jewish! Did you know? But to me the biggest surprise is Hussein Obama. Without this message, I never would have suspected. All along I was thinking that Obama was a Muslim. Remember, the author of this message walks among us; maybe even votes. By the way, I do trust the Jews who are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

The “Jewish Conspiracy” folks even have their own theology and theologians. One of them is Benjamin Freedman. They are especially proud of Ben because he is “Jewish.” But if he is “Jewish,” how can we believe anything he says? Also, they say there are no Jews; there are only Khazars. If there are no Jews, there can be no “Jewish Conspiracy.” There could be a “Khazar conspiracy,” which enjoys the virtue of alliteration. Did you know the “Jewish conspiracy” could be so much fun?

Ben Freedman says this about Jesus: “During His lifetime, no persons were described as ‘Jews’ anywhere. That fact is supported by theology, history and science. . . . In none of the manuscripts of the original Old or New Testament was Jesus described or referred to as a ‘Jew’. The term originated in the late eighteenth century . . . .” Hmm!

My Bible, the King James Version, is dated 1611.

King James Version

I think that was before the late eighteenth century. Am I correct? The Jews are all over it. In John 4:9, the woman of Samaria asks Jesus why He, a Jew, is speaking to her. Everyone knows the Jews don’t talk to Samaritans. This is the Master’s chance to correct her and to squelch the “Jewish conspiracy” which He certainly would foreknow. All He had to do was deny He was a Jew. But He doesn’t. He conducts one of the longest conversations the Bible says He ever had with anyone and tells her “salvation is of the Jews.” (John 4:22)

Ben Freedman, “Jew,” Khazar, whatever, says this: “The religious sect in Judea, in the time of Jesus, to which self-styled ‘Jews’ today refer to as ‘Jews’, were known as ‘Pharisees’. ‘Judaism’ today and ‘Pharisaism’ in the time of Jesus are the same.” Were not the Pharisees a Jewish sect? The Bible commentaries I checked said they were.

If the original Pharisees and today’s Jews are the same, today’s Jews are Jews. Also, Pilate and the soldiers called Jesus “King of the Jews.” (John 18:39, 19:3) Again, He did not deny it. Would Jesus leave us confused? Which version of scripture do you buy? The Ben Freedman version, or the King James?

Experience teaches that trying to bring reason to this mishmash is hopeless. It is an incurable species of derangement. Also, did you know there is a “Roman Catholic conspiracy?” I get messages about it almost daily. None of them mentions any “Jewish conspiracy,” but the “Catholic conspiracy” is competing with it. There is also a smaller “Mormon conspiracy.” There are other conspiracies. You know as well as I do that the women are highly organized. Typically, they deny any conspiracy.

Here’s the way I handle all this. I don’t care what you are. I watch what you do. If you work to preserve and protect our civilization and country, we are friends. If you work to destroy those things, you are an enemy, whether you are Jewish Barbra Streisand or “born-again Christian” Jorge W. Boosh. Here is a helpful test. Suppose everyone who is anyone is Jewish, as the man who wrote the message above asserts. Suppose all of those Jews were working to preserve and protect our country. Would you be at peace? I would. Again, you are what you do.

Why are we losing the battle for America? We are losing because our Communist Manifesto government schools and media have been extraordinarily successful in burdening most Americans with guilt and responsibility for every problem from abandonment to zits. That guilt has made them easy prey for experienced practitioners of the art of victimization.

Centuries from now, black con men will still be whining about slavery and demanding reparations. Assuming that the world will not yet be Islamic, Muslims will still be denouncing the Crusades. And Khazars of the time will still be denouncing what some Jewish scholars of today call the “Holocaust Industry.” Professor Norman Finkelstein is one of them.

Norman Finkelstein (no relation to Pamela!)

His parents were survivors of the Holocaust.

He says he is a “Jew.” Should we believe him? Or is he a Khazar? Do I recall correctly that the Nazis were not exterminating Khazars? One of Dr. Finkelstein’s books is Beyond Chutzpah. What is Chutzpah? It is the reason we are losing. The English call it “cheek.” We would call it “brass.” It is the ability and willingness to get in someone’s face. Christians shrink from doing that, especially if they are zonked out on guilt because some maniacs in Germany with whom they share a complexion killed “Jews,” or Khazars, more than sixty years ago.

There are Jews and there are Jews. There is Rabbi Jackie Mason, American patriot and arguably the funniest man who ever strode the earth. There was Admiral Hyman Rickover, father of our nuclear Navy, one of the Jews I mentioned presently residing at Arlington National Cemetery. And when the most rabid Jew-hater who ever strode the earth needs surgery, he wants a Jewish doctor to do it.

And then there are the few “Jews” who run gangs like the “Anti-Defamation League.” I was doing research at its headquarters on Lexington Avenue in New York, when Arnold Forster, the man who ran it at the time, asked me to leave. These Jews do everything they can to make themselves obnoxious. They proclaim their moral superiority. They deride the New Testament as “hate speech.” They are the world’s foremost argument for “anti-Semitism.” Why?

Because “anti-Semitism” is their business. It is an immensely lucrative business. “Anti-Semitism” is what they sell. Without it they would have to close down. That is why they still warn about Hitler and the Nazis. They are masters of victimization and the use of chutzpah. They get in your face and get what they want. Guilty Americans are routinely terrified that these obnoxious Jews will call them a name.

There is a solution to this, but Christians won’t like it. First, shed your guilt. You have done nothing wrong. You are not responsible for what war criminals like Jorge W. Boosh have done in your name. Then stand on your hind legs and get cheeky. Tell these folks that if they expect you to feel guilty about the Holocaust, you expect them to feel guilty about what some Jews told Pilate. Tell them that if their first loyalty is to another country, they need to get out.

Finally, because I am discussing this subject, some readers want to know what I am. It is not at all a secret, but after wrestling with it, I have decided not to mention the matter here. If I say what I am, these readers could conclude that I say this because I am that, or that because I am this. But this isn’t about me. I am unimportant. It’s about the facts. Are these the facts, or not? Again, you are what you do. Or, better put, by their fruits shall ye know them.

Forget about me. Get cheeky!

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