Why We Are Losing & How We Can Win

December 4, 2019
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Editor’s Note: Alan Stang first wrote and published this on January 28, 2009. The message is still relevant.
Time and again over the years, I have heard patriots enumerate our strengths: we, the true American people of all kinds, vastly outnumber the relatively few totalitarian Socialist conspirators at the top; we are armed to the eyeballs; we have the U.S. Constitution, we are more educated about the threat to all this than any other people. Time and again, I have heard these same patriots wonder why, then, we are losing.
We are losing. Despite our best efforts, the present usurper in the Oval Office is an illegal alien Communist. The Congress, our economy, our media and all our other institutions are firmly in the hands of the Conspiracy for World Government. The Conspiracy is preparing to collapse them. It now becomes not at all fanciful to discuss the possible dissolution of the United States. Why? How could this horrific thing happen?
Look again at a piece I did about the Great Siege of Malta in 1565. The Christians won. Why? Because they got mean. Because they fought all out, with no apology. Because they fought to the death. Why did they fight to the death? Because they knew that had they not, they would have been killed. The besieging Muslims would have exterminated them. They fought like that because they had nothing to lose.
I believe we are losing the battle for America now because, although we have everything we need to win, not enough Americans understand what we are fighting. Too many think we are fighting traditional business corruption. They think we are fighting greed. The two-party system has deluded many into the belief that we are fighting Democruds. Silky front men intone daily, “If we elect enough Republicans, the problem would be solved.”
Others, more sophisticated, more knowledgeable, recognize that we are fighting something more than greed; they see that we are fighting the corporate state, also known as Fascism, a Mussolini combination of multinational corporations and government, greed on steroids, stomping all competition. Yes, that is closer to what we fight but it still falls short. It still doesn’t explain the enemy.
What we are fighting right now is a literal battle to the death. The man with the gun isn’t saying, “Your money or your life.” I wish he were. He is saying, “Your money and your life!” He wants it all, your money, your property, your country, everything. He is coming to kill you. How do we know that? We know it because he says so. Compare the legal terms “assault” and “battery.”
The latter involves physically touching the victim. The former does not. You can commit an assault by telling someone you are going to brain him. If you say so convincingly, perhaps holding a Louisville Slugger when you say it, you have committed an assault. So it is prudent to believe what people say they will do. Well, what does the man we are fighting say he will do?
Because you are the world’s most knowledgeable readers, I need only remind you that the conspirators for world government say they intend to exterminate a huge portion of today’s human beings. They say so at their meetings, among them the regular confabs hosted by world famous environmentalist Mike Gorbachev, former Soviet dictator and boss of the KGB.
The conspirators who attend those meetings have ample power to do what they say. They include the likes of George H.W. Bush, Ted “the Traitor” Turner and so on. At sessions of the Gorbachev Foundation, they debate the percentage of people they should kill. At one session, a professor opted for 90%. Moderates held out for 30%, a mere 1,200,000,000 of the earth’s present population of six billion.
How would they do that? They haven’t yet said, but we do know that Hitler and Mao, who were pretty good at it, succeeded only in killing millions. We do know about the Halliburton civilian prison camps around the country, fully staffed, garnished with barbed wire, waiting, waiting. We do know about the coffins. We do know about the lists. We can still enjoy on You Tube the practice gun grabbing sessions after Katrina in New Orleans. Remember the old lady with the pea shooter and the California SWATsters who took her down?
There is also the hallowed legal principle that a man is presumed to intend the natural consequences of his acts. If you hit somebody in the head with that Louisville Slugger, the cops won’t buy your explanation that you didn’t realize the blow would fracture his skull. They will say you should have known that and take you downtown. So what are the natural consequences of the conspiracy’s acts?
Gradually but steadily the conspirators are denying you energy. Without sufficient energy, you could not run your business. Indeed, you could not survive. They are registering your animals and taking control of your food. They are confiscating your pensions and destroying your dollar. They are taking your property. They are deporting your jobs. They are preparing to disarm you. If they succeed in all this you would be a slave. Your slavery would make Nat Turner’s Old Plantation look like a five star hotel. Of course, you could get lucky; you could be one of those they decide to exterminate.
They do not care about the facts. They do not care how many thousands of genuine scientists say “global warming” is a fraud. Facts in their lexicon are a waste of time. “Global warming” is their plan and they will implement it, come h-e-c-k or pure water. We have a biracial usurper in the Oval Office – elected by white votes – but they maintain their imposition of “white guilt” without pause, as if Simon Legree has been elected.
At the recent coronation of Also Known As, Marxist preacher Joseph Lowery, founder with Communist Martin King of the red Southern Christian Leadership Conference, spoke from the dais of “that day when black will not be asked to get in back . . . and when white will embrace what is right.”
Hey, Joe, this is 2009! Did you know? Black is not only in front; it’s on top. Notice that, according to this lifelong punk pseudo-preacher, white still isn’t right. Hey, Joe, did you know where you were? Did you remember that white elected Also Known As to be emperor? Here is proof that the race pimps will never let whitey up. After all, it’s such a lucrative racket. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right, Joe?
Along these lines, there is the Communist News Network’s orange-haired moron Larry King. Of course he is senile. Did you see his interview of one of the surviving Beatles? Larry forgot which one he was talking to and addressed him as one of the others. Needless to say his galaxy famous guest was offended.
Larry is 75 and working on marriage number seven. He’s a serial polygamist. Recently, he talked about his eight year old son, Cannon. Kudos, Larry! Did you do that yourself, or did you have help? Cannon “now says that he would like to be black. I’m not kidding. He said there’s a lot of advantages. Black is in. . . .” If black is in, doesn’t that mean white must be out?
There is also Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor for Billy Bubba Slime, who now reappears as an influential adviser on the economy to Emperor Also Known As. Reich says we must rebuild our infrastructure, but that federal handouts for the purpose should be denied to “white construction workers.”
This will be difficult because most of the workers who construct our infrastructure are white. But, hey, if you are not that picky about the welds on your bridges, no problem! Hire someone else. So what if he doesn’t know how to operate a commode. Why not start him off on that bridge in the Cities. The one that collapsed? All these things are symptoms, signposts on the road we are traveling.
So why are we losing? Again, we are losing because not enough of us know what we are fighting. We are fighting a battle to the death. We don’t want to fight such a battle. We would prefer the give and take, the corruption and compromise, of normal politics. I know that. But if someone is determined to kill you, then your only choice is to lie down and die or to kill him.
One of many ways to understand this would be to compare the behavior of the two sides in Lincoln’s Communist War to Destroy the Union. The Yankees came out to First Manassas as if to a picnic. It was to be an afternoon’s diversion. The ladies came along in summer finery, bearing snacks. The Yankees would quickly whip the upstart rebels and go home.
But it was there, at Manassas, that Stonewall Jackson stood like a stone wall and became one of the Immortals. The Americans sent the Yankees fleeing in disorder back to Washington. Had this really been a “civil” war, in which both sides were contending to control the national government – had Jackson and the others understood what they were really fighting – the Americans would have pursued the fleeing Yankee rabble all the way back to Washington, overthrown the perverted government, arrested Lincoln and the other imperialists, given them fair trials before hanging and restored the Union.
There was also, courtesy of John Greenleaf Whittier, “‘Who touches a hair of yon gray head, dies like a dog! March on!’ he said.” Robert E. Lee, like Jackson a sublime Christian gentleman, invaded the North. He forbade military depredations against civilians. The policy of the Yankees, led by General William T. Sherman, was to terrorize civilians, in every way from rape to robbery to wanton destruction. The victims included many blacks. Lee forbade reprisals.
You cannot negotiate with someone like Sherman. You cannot compromise. Sherman was not a man. He was a satanic Communist monster, a beast from the pit. If you choose to live, you can do only one thing with such a monster, however much you may not like it. The problem was that Jackson and Lee, the Immortals, did not understand until it was too late what they were fighting. Had they understood, the war would no doubt have ended quite differently.
In 1870, speaking of Reconstruction, Lee told former Confederate Governor of Texas Fletcher Stockdale, “Governor, if I had foreseen the use those people designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me. Had I foreseen these results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in my right hand.”
That is what we have here. We are at Khe Sanh. We are at the Alamo. Someone has broken into your home and is threatening to hurt your wife or your daughter. Yes, the cops will come, later, when it is over. Right now, everything depends on you, on you and your Glock, on you and your HK or your S & W.
Even if you do what you must, you could lose and be killed. But if you do nothing, if you make nice, if you simper like your pansy preacher, then you will be killed for sure. In a battle to the death, you must get downright mean. You must do nasty things you would rather not remember, if – if – if you want to survive. Would it help to remember what God did to Saul when the king disobediently neglected to kill everyone and everything? So are you ready to scramble? Do you have your own lists?
Forget the Obamatrons. Most of them will never recover; they want to be buggered. Communicate this one thing to enough befuddled Americans, just this one thing, and we could pull this thing out; revive the Constitution and restore America. This one understanding – that we are in a battle to the death – would be a universal elixir that penetrates all cells, a version of the Rosetta Stone. It could do the same thing for you as a toss into a half-frozen lake.
Stang’s Immutable Laws of Warfare

  • Law One: If you don’t know you are in a war, you will lose.
  • Law Two: If you don’t know you are in a battle to the death, you will die.

I can tell you from experience that the certainty of imminent death has a generally animating effect that will galvanize everything you do. On one occasion many years ago, after I lectured about the “civil rights” movement and Martin L. King at one of the nation’s prestigious institutions of lower learning, a young gentleman of color got in my face and said I would be killed.
I was alone up there and the only thing I could do was get even farther into his. Because many of my readers are exquisitely genteel Christian ladies, I won’t tell you what I said, except that it concerned his mother, and I got lucky. He left. I hope his mother never found out what I said.
Am I talking about shooting? I am quoting the President of the United States: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Obviously, the President was talking about shooting. I pray that time has not come and will not come.
Right now, I am talking about the necessary change in attitude and demeanor of still somnolent Americans. The enemy, the Shermanites, revel in getting in your face. The still somnolent slink away. On the contrary, those who have been stanged get right up in their face, forcefully rejecting inappropriate substitution of “gay,” for buggery, “choice” for baby murder and other brainwashing thefts.
Confronted by the usual race racketeers with the hoary canard of “white guilt,” the stanged will respond that they need to clean up their neighborhoods. Indeed, since one of the purposes of the Conspiracy for World Government is to deny its existence, mere, public recognition of the Conspiracy is a victory that will produce a salubrious, cascading effect.
Teach Stang’s Immutable Laws.


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