Know Your Enemies: The Conservative Establishment

July 20, 2017
2 mins read

“You don’t think there are even 40?” he was asked.

“I don’t think so,” he responded. – Senator Lamar Alexander

Reagan and Helms
In the continuing series on “Knowing Your Enemies,” we now come to the most vile, most despicable, most insidious of all our enemies, The Conservative Establishment.  For years, the Republicans have been useless.  For every Jesse Helms, there’s a Nelson Rockefeller.  For every Ted Cruz, there’s a Susan Collins.  As Supreme Dark Lord of the Evil Legion of Evil enjoys pointing out, the moderates are worse than your enemies; they delight in shooting at you just to get the other side to pat them on the head and tell them how reasonable they are.
One of the greatest things about the Trump Presidency is that the moderate wing of the Republican Party has been exposed for the frauds that they are.  In 2008, when John McCain won the nomination, the conservative wing of the party was told that McCain had won fair and square* and that we needed to unite behind the nominee.  In 2012 when Mitt Romney won the nomination, the conservative wing of the party was told that Romney won fair and square* and that we needed to unite behind the nominee.  In 2016, when Donald Trump won the nomination on a platform that he spent the primary fighting with Ted Cruz over who was the more conservative, we wound up with a bunch of screeching NeverTrumpers who vowed not only to never vote for Donald Trump, but some of them went so far as to actually leave the Republican Party.  (* for years, the GOP has held open primaries where “Unaffiliated” voters were allowed to help pick the party’s nominee.  When this setup sabotaged more conservative candidates in years past, it was the “Big Tent”.  When it got Trump the nomination, suddenly it was an unthinkable horror).

And now that we know that the Never Trumpers, despite all the talk about how Trump was a New York Democrat who was snowballing all the stooges and would betray them at his first opportunity to sell them down the river, we now know:

  1. The GOP expected Hillary to win and as such did not make any plans to repeal Obamacare.
  2. Upon Trump’s election, rather than take a clean vote to repeal Obamacare, they promptly passed something that was called “Obamacare Lite”.
  3. After months of wrangling and frustrated Americans wondering why they couldn’t just send the same bill to Trump that they sent to Obama multiple times, Lamar Alexander comes out and says that there are only about 40 Republicans willing to support a clean repeal.  And we can’t seem to get the names of all the Republicans who are willing to sell out the people who sent them to Washington DC.

The moderates have no clothes.  They have revealed themselves as the pretentious backstabbing swine that they are.  All the years of “realpolitik”, the lectures about “accepting half a loaf”, it has all come down to this, the traitors in our midst have been exposed.  Now, the question is, what are we going to do about it?


  1. When are Republican’s vote out these traitors? They should know which Senators in the states where they live who are selling us out.

    • That is very likely why we haven’t seen a straight repeal vote yet, because they don’t want us to have a list of names of who to target.
      It’s a lot harder to primary somebody than it should be. Lisa Murkowski lost the Republican nomination and won on a write in campaign from the left wing Republicans and Democrats.
      The Republican majority is so narrow, it’s hard to bring any kind of party discipline on these miscreants, lest we wind up being unable to put conservative judges on the bench.
      The best recourse is to get their names and vote them out.

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