It’s not really a new concept, nor is it one that would surprise even the most casual observer of politics and culture, but in the midst of a howlingly funny piece written for clueless liberals, a liberal accidentally reveals why liberalism is constantly followed by idiocy:

When secular liberals vote, they think about the outcome of a political choice. They think about consequences. Secular liberals want to create the social conditions that allow everyday people, behaving the way ordinary people behave, to have fewer bad outcomes.

It sounds good, right? Liberals think about consequences. The problem is that they *don’t* think about consequences, or rather, liberals are pool players who think about only where the cue ball goes – they do not consider what will happen when it hits another ball, nor what those balls will do.


Foolish is fun

Here’s what I mean. When liberals want ordinary behavior “to have fewer bad outcomes,” they are talking about a specific kind of behavior without really thinking about it. What kind of behavior has bad outcomes? Foolish behavior, almost by definition. Wise behavior is wise because it has good outcomes, and those good outcomes are the reward for acting wisely.

Foolish behavior is foolish because it has bad outcomes, and those bad outcomes often act as a deterrent from acting foolishly. If we are going to learn to do things better as individuals and as a species – if we are going to *cough* progress – then feedback on our behavior is one of the ways the Universe tells us how to do that. That huge lump on your head says, “Don’t hit yourself in the head with a hammer.” That pink slip tells you, “Don’t smoke pot before you go to work.”

Liberals purposely break that feedback loop. I’ve said before that people don’t actually want change. What they want is to do the same things and get different results. They want to be able to do the foolish things without suffering the natural consequences of them. Foolish is fun. It’s a lot more fun to lie around all day than to go to work. It’s a lot more fun to buy a new car today than to save for one tomorrow. It’s a lot more fun to screw anything that moves than to be faithful to one’s spouse.

But all of those things have negative feedback mechanisms that limit them, from pink slips to bankruptcy to AIDS. When liberals promote “fewer bad outcomes,” they are not promoting the good behavior which would naturally result in that. They are removing the suppressants of bad behavior. And when you remove that which suppresses bad behavior, foolish behavior, mind-bogglingly stupid behavior, you get more of it.