MGTOW Are Worthless Pussies And We Need Another War To Thin Out Their Ranks

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Incels. Volcels. Neckbeards.
We’ve all seen them.
If you’ve been around the right-leaning parts of the internet long enough, you know what I’m talking about.
Everybody’s having a good time, shitposting NPC memes or whatever, until – POOF! – in a puff of digital Dorito dust and a tip of a virtual fedora, a wild MGTOW appears. Before you know it, FeministHater69 or CheetoBeardNonSexHaverKillMeNow2000 is sperging up the comments with his depressing sexual dysfunction rationalised as virtue.
Ackyshually,” explains the MGTOW, “attractive women in yoga pants are THOTs and as an enlightened intellectual I…” etc. etc. until you wish there was some way of Skype-slapping people like Vader.

What is MGTOW?
MGTOW will tell you it stands for “Men Going Their Own Way”, but MGTOW are fat, crazy liars who couldn’t be trusted with a plate of Mom’s chicken tendies.
It actually stands for Men who can’t Get The Sex Off of Women, and herein lies the problem.
You see, unlike your common or garden incel – who is just a pathetic, clueless man who doesn’t know how to talk to women (yet) – MGTOW are like the ISIS of non-sex-havers. They’ve turned their personal failings into an ideology, they recruit, and they’re a menace to the chastity of goats everywhere.
Amusingly, the MGTOW thinks his blue balls make him some kind of threat to the status quo, as if they were an army of crusty-socked warrior monks, instead of bitter sad sacks complaining about women on the internet.
But if you think about it for about 5 seconds (or the length of time it takes for a MGTOW to scarf a pipe of Pringles, whichever is soonest), choosing to live like a eunuch is the penultimate surrender to despair.
It’s not a heroic or revolutionary act. It won’t change the political system or the economy or the culture. It won’t even make those mean, sexy girls who ignored you in college cry into their pillows at night. It’s a soft form of suicide, a meaningless life of pointless consumption followed by lonely death.
“Be fruitful and multiply” says God.
“The future belongs to those who show up” says the demographer.
“A man who won’t fuck, won’t fight” says George S. Patton.
But muh divorce statistics!” mewls the MGTOW.
And, to be sure, there’s a lot that’s wrong in family law and the dating market. Better men than me have been burned by infidelity and divorce. But what do we call people who refuse to play the game in case they lose?
We call them losers.
How To Be An Actual Man
This isn’t rocket surgery. Your Dad, your Grandfather, his Dad, and so on all the way back to the days when horny cavemen were impressing simpering cave-thots with the size of their clubs, had sex and produced children.
That, gentlemen, is the single most important thing you can do with your lives. Let’s be realistic: you’re not going to invent cold fusion or Alcubierre drives or a cure for John Scalzi. So shut up and nut up.
The second most important thing you will do is to be there for your kids, providing resources, teaching and encouragement to help them become adults capable of living in society. It’s a hard, tiring and mostly thankless job, but it’s also the greatest and most rewarding adventure of your life.
To do that, you’re going to have to find a nice girl, settle down, and make the sexy sex-times with her as much as possible. MGTOW tells you that this is a trap, that all Western women are vapid succubae who will inevitably run off and cheat on you with celebrity billionaire astronaut firemen or whatever.
Don’t listen to them. They’re the male equivalent of radical feminists, projecting their own inadequacies and failures onto the opposite sex and hoping to spread and share their misery with impressionable members of their own gender.
Yes, marriage is hard work. So is everything else worth doing. Michaelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine Chapel in a couple of hours of farting around with Photoshop. Yes, there’s a risk it won’t work out. Hopefully you’ll be smart enough to find a good Christian woman who’s compatible enough with you to minimise the risk of divorce. (Pro-tip: strippers don’t actually like you IRL)
But life is full of regrets. What do you want yours to be?
That you clung on till you were a 90 year old virgin, dying alone in your apartment full of anime DVD’s and video games?
Or that you fucked and fought, the way a man’s supposed to, and brought new life into this world to carry on your legacy when you’re gone?



      • mgtows are pussy little boys who couldn’t get a woman if their lives depended on it. The stay at home masturbating to pictures of women they will never have, which leaves mommy all the clean up. mgtow = males grabbing their own weiners and NOTHING ELSE!! IT HAS DONE JACK SHIT FOR ANY MEN.

  1. I don’t understand it. We have those types of guys at work and they are so pathetic it’s disgusting. No sane woman would want that for a mate. They need to get their ass kicked in a dojo, then learn and grow.

  2. He either fears his fate too much
    Or his desserts are small,
    Who will not put it to the touch
    To win or lose it all.

  3. You are confusing a white knight or a gamma with a MGTOW.
    What do you call someone who throws himself in front of a juggernaut and gets run over? Foolish and still a loser.
    Oh, just find a good Christian girl. Where. Even the less than mature red glass ones which aren’t more valuable than rubies are hard to find.
    You say “Better men than me” – well I know of at least two that had their life destroyed this year. Just because it didn’t happen to you – yet – doesn’t mean it won’t or that you should encourage everyone to take a chance. It depends on how many bullets are in the gun when playing russian roulette.
    But you did say it was more important to have children. Back in Detroit, black men have lots of children and rarely go to jail for nonpayment of child support, aren’t married to the mothers, aren’t involved with their children, but there are lots of them!
    No, it is Men, Men of the West, NOT going their own way, but staying within the confines of Christian holy Matrimony and the wisdom that entails. It is the women who have gone their own way, often off a cliff.
    Even in Lord of the Rings, the EntWives left and the Ents stayed in Middle Earth helping the trees.

      • RIght now, Church is just about the worst place to meet women. (1) it’s hard to distinguish between women who truly are Christians, truly are Women of the West. (2) Most women are churchians and are saturated in feminist culture. (3) even most Christian women are feminists. Most Christian women are just anti-abortion feminists.

        • I agree with some of this. But the point about Church being the “worst place” is not logical. Where else would you meet them? Are there fewer feminists in the grocery story? A bar? No, the Church is still the best option, as you will at least have Christ in common. If all the women at your church are feminized, then I would suggest you find a new church. Our churches are not that way. Many of us here at MOTW met our wives at church, and not in the far distant past (for some of us; others, maybe a bit longer).

    • Nope sorry, one cannot confuse a mgtow with anything else, as they are one of a kind type of non-man pussies. They whine online, and admit they are not political, they have no meetings, etc., etc., which confirms my view that they are just whining pussy non-men who want to degrade women they have no chance of attracting to salve their wimpy souls. I’d be willing to bet that if every mgtow out there was tasked with doing what REAL men (never any mgtow) do every day they’d pass out like the simpering little wimps they truly are.

  4. “Even in Lord of the Rings, the EntWives left and the Ents stayed in Middle Earth helping the trees.”
    Ok, Dildo Baggins.
    Are you an animatronic plant-man? No?
    Then stop making excuses and start talking to eligible women. Don’t give me that shit about “bloo bloo bloo there’s no good women!” Because that’s just what losers tell themselves to justify not trying. There are millions of marriagable girls out there. You’re not perfect either.
    “Just because it didn’t happen to you – yet – doesn’t mean it won’t or that you should encourage everyone to take a chance.”
    Being divorced isn’t the worst thing that can realistically happen to you. Dying a genetic dead end after a wasted life is.
    If I get turned into chunky salsa in a car accident tomorrow I’ll die having done my duty as a man.
    Will you?

  5. Being of the MGTOW mindset means never having to suffer the consequences of giving a woman legal or financial power over one’s life. In the next war, rather than continuing the human sacrifice of men on women’s and their state pimp’s behalf, let women fight and die for their own rights.

  6. MGTOW is a logical consequence of parents failing to raise their children properly. Day-care duos and single mothers breed disfunction and distrust, which are great ways to kill the souls of young men. MGTOWs are the product of a multi-generation FUBAR. But the solution is still as mentioned above – learn how to improve yourself, gain accomplishments and poise in the real world, talk to people (and not just other poorly-raised people, get some actual wisdom from sucessful people), accept and take risks (and minimize your divorce risks by only marrying a girl with marriage values. If you’re bad at math, talk to old married couples about what values they needed to see them through). If you give up, evil wins. The future belongs to those who show up, build it and defend it.

  7. Yeah, avoiding STDs and being murdered by vengeful chicks that you hit-and-quit isn’t fun, but it’s infinitely better than being a celibate faggot. MGTOW isn’t a choice, you never voluntarily refused a woman throwing themself at you. You’re just an undesirable bitch that would rather play mental gymnastics with yourself than put in whatever effort needed to get it in. You don’t have to fucking marry every woman you screw retards. It might not be Christian, but I’m a Catholic so I’ll just go apologize later. I’d rather face hell-fire than the living hell you MGTOW pussies exist in.

  8. What I find so funny is how the writer of this trash and commenters on here think they know every MGTOW members in the world.
    This MGTOW member eats right, stay in shape and have a great career in Information Technology. Have no issues getting women, I just don’t want to get married, have kids, live with nor get into a longterm relationship with any woman. I became MGTOW by seeing what my mother has done to my father, how my friends got rape for most of everything that they own in the courts. So that will not be me and I have enough money to support all of my hobbies and vacations. I have very little bills and a credit score of 800. I have friends that think just like these people, but now most of them got destroyed in courts and begging me for money from time to time and some who got All kinds of STDs, some of them have no cures.
    So you can keep on using your shaming language, it has no effect on the real MGTOW men.
    One last thing, before you write about something please go and do some real research first. You are just like CNN, always spreading fake news and information. 🙂

    • Thanks for your words of wisdom. I am sure we will take them to heart, and our children will surely remember you with admiration.

    • You are dust, soon to be forgotten forever, and none shall remember your hedonistic life.
      Or, you know, you could grow a pair and tackle something hard and actually worthwhile that has a chance of failure as well as a chance of mind-blowing success.

  9. Worthless article. Has anyone of you attended divorce courts lately? No? Then do it, it will be a revelation. The way how divorce courts work, it is a trap for men. The laws are stacked against men. Divorces are mostly initiated by women and that is not just because men have cheated. Men lose a lot of their wealth and their children, because somehow, men are considered inferior parents in the books of the law.
    I am all in for marriage and family, but not with a western women, and not in a western country.
    There has been a rise of bachelors who are very successful in their business and contribute to community just like other folks; in their dealings with other men and women like. They do not confirm themselves as the typical mgtow you describe. These are men who understand the legal system in most western countries, and they take no chance of having the government take their hard earnings and wealth away by women who “want to get out”.
    Western women these days are no longer wife material, and men have come to realize (or witnessed) that either through their divorced parents/family/friends or what not. So when talking about mgtow, stop painting with your broad brush!

    • “Has anyone of you attended divorce courts lately?” Yes.
      The solution to avoiding that problem is both simple and hard.
      1. Don’t be stupid when getting married. Pick a woman worth it.
      2. Don’t screw up your marriage.
      3. Don’t let her screw up your marriage.
      4. Go to Church.
      Loop 2-4.
      “There has been a rise of bachelors who are very successful in their business and contribute to community just like other folks”
      We. Don’t. Care.
      “Western women these days are no longer wife material”
      “stop painting with your broad brush!”
      My irony meter just broke.

      • “There has been a rise of bachelors who are very successful in their business and contribute to community just like other folks”
        And they leave the result of their life’s work to their cats.

        • First MGTOW is unchristian period. . Its disobeying a direct order from God. Marriage and procreation are mandatory.

          The singular exception is for true celibate monks or in some traditions a priest living celibate an/or monastic life. This isn’t MGTOW’s monk mode which is being a Monk for a while to recharge batteries as it were Its genuinely being a monk on a spiritual calling.

          Second, MGTOW and Incel are not the same thing. Incels or involuntary celibates are typically weirdos who think they are entitled to a relationship but no woman would want

          MGTOW OTOH are a different lot. Many MGTOW have been married and divorced and may even have had kids. MGTOW just came to the conclusion that living a life for themselves and not women is a better option.

          This is basically a male version of generation one feminism

          Bicycles don’t need fish as it were. The closest general thing about this leaderless not really a movement is an exhortation to find your purpose and be on your grind . Many MGTOW are also minimalists

          As for those cats. In time all men die and in time all your progeny will be forgotten too. Only a few names of old survive and the rest are dust.

          I don’t think that leave life’s work to cats will matter to them.

    • Bitch, shut the fuck up. I been through divorce. Twice. And haven’t seen my daughter for almost 4 years. And I say without any hesitation that my buddy Steve is absolutely 100% right.
      MGTOW are weak, whiny, incels that haven’t got a clue about anything past the blisters on their palms from serial masturbation.

  10. I, honestly, can’t tell if this is meant to be satire or if this is just a bunch of hypocrites doing exactly what they are accusing others of.

    • The irony here is that MGTOW men in general aren’t upset upset about other people choosing a different path.

      Its more “I have no religious need to procreate and happier as a bachelor and without a woman but if you found a good one, a unicorn in parlance or want to take the risk, I wish you well.”

      Why Traditionalist and Hard Right folks get upset is that there is a growing number of men of who could and at least to them should be having sons and daughters who just opt out to play video games . Its like they are tempted away

      And note its not porn, a lot of youngsters seems to be asexual these days.

      Like the rejected women this is seemingly a threat of sorts to them though its not.

      Honestly if folks want men to marry and have kids we’ll have to make many changes to the economy and yes the court system probably by force. Otherwise in time the high fertility types, mainly Amish in the US will fill the gaps anyway and while “tech” goes away Christianity is here to stay.

  11. If you are alive today, you are the result of an unbroken chain of winners right back to the beginning of space and time.

    Are you going to let some whiny little shrinking-violet MGTOWs convince you any woman or women should stand in the way of your place in that great unbroken chain?

    Zoom out far enough to see how ridiculous and weak the MGTOW arguments are, despite all their rationalizations.

    MGTOWs are just black-pilled nihilists who’ve given up on -everything-.

    Stack up eternal irrelevance against hard effort toward a future and see which wins.

    Only the second option makes you a Man.

    I guess they really were right when they called MGTOWs “male feminists”.

    PS: If they’re going to throw the eventual slur, “Have fun down on the plantation!”,

    I’d reply, “I will. And I will take that burden on proudly; and smile. Because I reproduced.” You go ahead and look yourself in the mirror after abandoning your entire family line; right back to the beginning.

    I f**king triple-dog-dare any MGTOW to look back to the beginning and try to be honest about the depth of their failure.

    You go tell your Mom, your Dad, your grandparents, your great-grandparents, etc.
    The people who immigrated, escaped The Plague, fought and died in uncountable wars, all the way back to humanity’s origins in west-central Africa, and still further back before that; millions of years.

    It might as well be a failure as big as The Universe itself. Good luck with that.

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