As I mentioned, Obamacare is going away, even if Trump doesn’t repeal it.  Insurance companies can’t make money within the system, so they are taking their ball and going home.

As commenter Susan noted: “Obamacare was never intended to be permanent. It was indeed intended to destroy the finest healthcare system in the world, and replace it with single payer.”

That is an astute observation. Obamacare was intended to replace the best healthcare system in the world with one that would end up being run like the VA hospitals.

Next year, if not sooner, I will be redoing my healthcare plan again. There are alternatives to Obamacare. Cost sharing organizations like or Samaritan Ministries are worth a look. There is a form that you fill out when you do taxes so that you don’t have to pay the Obamacare penalty. At this point they are the leading candidates in my mind for health care planning.